Monday, June 04, 2012

Rare gathering in Bangkok

Photo: Authentic tapas party, great afternoon with wonderful food n company.
While I really love living in Bangkok, I have to say we actually gather less with other families here than in other postings.  In Frankfurt, the Singaporean/Malaysian community was small, there were more SQ colleagues and there wasn't much else to do except gather together and share meals.  We would meet up lots for meals or have cookouts at one another's houses.  Lots of fun and memories.  In London, there were also many families to hang out with, be it for mahjong or for meals.  Eddie also had a wonderful boss whose home was always a welcoming gathering place for mahjong, food and karaoke.  In Moscow, we didn't have many friends with kids, but they were all still good fun and gregarious folks to hang out with.  Restaurant fare wasn't enticing so we'd take turns hosting one another with all kinds of Malaysian/Singapore food which we missed a lot.

In Bangkok, I'm not sure why, but we don't socialise much as a family with other families.  I think it gets too easy to just hang out with certain groups of people and then not see them for months cos there isn't that need to forge close-knitted friendships.  Kind of sad really.  There is however 3 other couples whom we do hang out with occassionally (well, more than with any other families), but they're some years younger than us, with kids Sean's age and younger.  Brian is very left out when we have these gatherings.  It's always fun though when we do meet up.  Yesterday was one such gathering hosted by one couple Daphne and Ekk at their beautiful place in Sathorn.

These two lovebirds had gone on a 16-day Spanish tour (sans kids) and returned with lots of Spanish goodies.  They decided to hold a tapas party yesterday, complete with Sangria.  There was so much food considering the kids (except Brian) weren't partaking in the tapas and the food was delicious.

I love Spanish food and we had actually gone on a holiday to Barcelona earlier this year.  I might share our pictures here one of these days as our experience might prove useful to those planning a trip to that beautiful city.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to more tapas this week as the ladies plan to meet up again to finish up the rest of Daphne's and Ekk's Spanish loot.

Oh, Sean had a whale of a time and got all sweaty playing nerf guns with the other kids and 2 of the dads.  Brian brought his French book to study (exams are here) but he ended up sleeping, tipsy from having one glass of Sangria.  I later saw that mild drinking can be good for stimulating intellectual capacity so I'm expecting him to slay the papers he's doing today and tomorrow!

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