Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 1 of Summer Hols 2012

Brian left early morning for Day 1 of Habitat 4 Humanity, this time in Ayutthaya.  Sean and I had breakfast with Eddie before he went to work and then we pretty much lazed about till it was time to head out to the airport to pick Porpor up.

Sean is re-reading the Alex Rider series.  I tried getting him to read a DK book on History but he claimed it was boring.  When we got back from the airport and grocery-shopping, he played around with some strings and popsicle sticks, read some more, and then I saw an article about clouds and imagination so I called out to him to play a cloud-watching game with me.

I got to the balcony first and started looking up at the clouds. Before he even got near to the balcony, he jumped back and gasped, "I see a bird with a really long beak but its body is only a cone and the back of its head has a hole in it and there's smoke coming out of the hole."

I look up and see nothing.

He continues, "I see a fish with one eye and it's frowning."


"There's another fish with a big nose and it's looking at its nose."


"I can see a woman's head and the hair is really long and the head doesn't have any body."


"I can see a giant silkworm floating in the sky and it's curling up."

The entire time, I see nothing.  Sigh...

Brian got home earlier than expected, had dinner and went to bed early, tired from a day of drilling and hammering (which he said he wasn't very good at).  I managed to have a little chat with him before he snoozed off.  Then Sean practised some violin, and read some more.

And that's how Day 1 went.

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