Sunday, May 20, 2012

What do your kids wanna do when they grow up?

Brian's 14 and a half now and is at the tail-end of his Freshman year in High School.  He doesn't quite know exactly what he wants to do and I suppose he doesn't need to yet at this stage.  His ambition when he was much younger changed frequently from being a chess grandmaster to a teacher to I can't remember what else, it depended on who he was influenced by at the time.  In kindergarten, he said he wanted to be a doctor and he'd charge all the patients $1 per visit (alamak! bankrupt lah).

In recent years, he has said he wants to be a doctor, then this changed to lawyer and now it might be engineer.  I think he's in a pretty good position to do anything he sets his mind and heart to.  Academically, he's doing well in all his subjects, be they humanities or sciences (he has to work harder on some subjects than others of course).  So it depends on his interest at the time or the opportunities that come.  But whatever it is, I really just do want my kids to find something they love doing every day and not live to anyone's or society's expectations of them.

Sean, on the other hand, couldn't be more specific about what he wants to do.  Last night, I asked him what he wants to do when he grows up.  His immediate answer, "I want to be a scientist at the large hadron collider."

I said, "Oh, is that in outer space?"

He replied, "No, it's in Switzerland."

"Oh, really."

He explained, "It's where they smash particles together and try to make new particles."

Go read more about the large hadron collider here.


Oh, the other day Brian said, "Sean should be a doctor.  He doesn't need a social life.  He can work all day and night and there'll be no one waiting for him at home."  LOL.

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