Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sarcasm Dr Cooper's style

Sean's daily blogpost yesterday was about human extinction. The post is reproduced below.

I laughed at how he started point 3 - Finally, we come to the small matter of global warming - and said, "Small matter?"

He replied, "That was sarcasm." 

He learnt sarcasm from all those episodes of The Big Bang Theory (specifically from Dr Sheldon Cooper) that we watched last month.


Sean's post:

88 Years Later…

…Will we still be here? By the way, 88 years later means the year 2100. Some scientists think that the human race will have been wiped off the earth by then. Why?

First there’s the problem of overpopulation. Scientists have measured the exponential increase in population, and they have predicted that there will be 9 billion people by the time it is 2500, maybe even more. By that time, there will be less resources and not enough for all the 9 billion people. Most of them will die. The remaining people will fight over the rest of the resources, thus bombing the resources and killing each other. That should kill the rest of them.

Also, there’s this supervolcano in Toba, Yellowstone. It’s supposed to erupt every few million years, but it’s late this time. If it erupts, most people will be killed by the poisonous chemicals and heat and lava and debris. The rest of them will eventually starve. Why? They will starve because the smoke cloud will block the sunlight, and plants have no nourishment, and they will die. Next herbivores will die, and so on and so on. This will eventually reach the the Homo Sapiens species(humans) and they will have no food and they will starve.

Finally, we come to the small matter of global warming. Over the past century, the temperature has increased by more than 0.74 degrees. This may not seem much but remember that there will be an exponential increase in the temperature as the population increases. If the temperature gets 6 degrees hotter… Well, the exact same thing happened a long time ago. 9 tenths of sea life and 2 thirds of land life were wiped out.

Of course, scientists could be wrong. So be positive! (That is, unless you find out that wars about resources are starting, or that the supervolcano just erupted, or that the global temperature has increased by 6 degrees.)

I hope you learned something!

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