Monday, April 30, 2012

Pyrex and Thunder

While I've been missing from Blogger, I've been fairly active on Facebook.  When Facebook moved into Timeline, I was hoping it would make searches of past posts easier, instead, I'm finding scrolling through past post more cumbersome than ever. It's pretty useless as a journal of what we've been up to. I plan to dig up my old statuses and post them here; the boys sometimes go through this blog and chuckle about the stuff they said and did in the past

Posted on Facebook 20 March 2012

About 2 months ago, I was heating up a Pyrex measuring jug over my stove, intending to use it to melt some butter, but I think I heated it up too much so when I dumped in the cold butter, the jug immediately split into a few pieces with a very loud pop. If you've seen a Pyrex jug, you'll know the glass is very thick. The pop was so loud (I wouldn't even describe it as a pop, more like PRAWWWWWPPPPP!!!!), the boys ran to the kitchen to see what happened. I was shocked too, worried that my stove's glass top had cracked too cos the sound was that loud.

Here's the science connection.

Just now, Sean looked up from his book and asked, "Mummy, do you know how thunder is made?"
"Do you remember when you heated up the bowl very quickly, and then you put the cold butter in which cooled the bowl very quickly, and it broke?"
"That's what's happening when thunder is being made. The lightning heats up the air very quickly and the air gets cooled down very quickly. This creates shockwaves which are vibrations which are heard by our ears as thunder."

Kitchen accidents can also be unwittingly turned into science lessons :P Who says I'm not a good teacher?

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