Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Computers: Are They Wants or Needs?

Found this assignment amongst the stuff Sean brought home from school this last week of school. Here is what he wrote.

Despite the efficiency and intelligence of computers, I really do think computers are wants. I think computers are wants because instead of playing computer games like Pacman, Mathman and Mousehunt, you can play board games like Cadoo, Monopoly, chess and Scrabble. I barely ever play computer games and I really like to play lots of board games. The problem is, I don't know where the board games are and nobody wants to play with me.

Also, instead of using Email, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or Skype, you can just call your friends or relatives or send a letter or a postcard. I never use any computer devices to get in touch with people. Instead, almost every single time I use the telephone.

Additionally, instead of using Google or Wikipedia, you can just look up everything you absolutely need to know in non-fiction books or dictionaries. We have literally over a 100 tonnes of books at my house and I've read about two-fiths of them altogether. Two-thirds or the two-fifths of all the books I've read from my home library are non-fiction books.

Finally, instead of using blogs like from Blogger or Wordpress, you can just make a diary/journal or buy a diary/journal. I scarcely ever use my blog any more and I love diaries and journals. I hope now you understand my thinking about computers and whether they are wants or needs.


So what does everyone think? Is a computer a want or a need? For my third-grader I guess it's still a want, but ask my eight-grader and he'll definitely disagree. My opinion? I live and breathe the internet, so what do you think I think? haha...

And even though I recently bought him an iPad monopoly app, he has decided what he really wants is for us to play the real board game with him. I feel guilty enough after reading what he wrote up there that I promised him a REAL monopoly game later tonight. Best mom in the world or what :P

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Anonymous said...

I am with Sean...I too prefer board games....and I have so many but no time to play.... LOL... That is when the computer version is better, collects no dust and occupy no space. But Sean is really matured in his thinking.