Friday, April 01, 2011

Student-led Conferences 2011

Do they do Student-led conferences in Singapore? I can't remember, I only know there are parent-teacher conferences. Both in Moscow and here, there is a parent-teacher conference at the start of the year and a student-led conference (SLC) towards the end.

Sean blogs about his SLC here. I thought I should also upload his post here since that blog is managed by the school so I'm not sure if the blog would be deleted when the child leaves the school.

This is what he wrote.


Yesterday, I shared my learning in student-led conferences with my mother and my brother.  My brother is in Middle School and his student-led conference was in the morning while mine was right after lunch.  Since he had nothing to do, he decided to join in my conference.  I was very happy that they came. I was not happy that my father had a meeting at work and could not come. He promised to come to my choir concert later in April.

My mum took videos so that my father could see. These are some of the more interesting things I shared during the conference.

In this video, I talked about my crayfish project. I first greeted my mummy and korkor (that's big brother in Chinese).

I continue talking about crayfish and also showed them a poem I wrote, Caldera.

Observation in Science! That's a crayfish (they can be brown, red and white but ours are blue) and some snails. The snail in the tank looks rotten and dead, or so I thought. It later climbed to the top of the tank. I like my Science learning a lot.

I shared the second half of my favourite poem from It's Raining Pigs and Noodles. The poem is called The Outer Space Miracle Mall and it's about a woman who goes to the mall at the edge of the galaxy to buy useless stuff. I told my mum the woman is like her.

Math reflection. This is from my portfolio. I enjoy Math unlike most children.

The snail that I thought was dead climbed up the tank. Ms. Chesebro told us that once the snail climbed up the tank and went to the other tank which had the other snails in it.

I showed my mother and brother the big crayfish tanks. This is a molting crayfish! Molting means the crayfish got too big for its old exoskeleton and grew a new one. The note says that the molting crayfish must stay alone. This is because when it's new, the exoskeleton is very soft because it hasn't hardened yet. Before, we had a molting crayfish eaten by another crayfish when we did not keep it on its own.

I hope you enjoyed my student-led conference as much as I enjoyed leading it.


3blessings said...

i think IB schools do student-led conferences cos the IB school in Tianjin that my boys used to go to had, and then I've heard of that in IB schools in Jakarta and Taiwan too.
I love it cos my boys were 3 and 5 yo then and it was so so cute to see all the lil ones bring mama papa around and demonstrate various things. :)

Lilian said... it's the IB schools which do student-led conferences? Yes, I remember when Sean was littler, his SLC was him going from station to station showing what he could do or had learnt. At the time, I think the teachers had a greater role in deciding what he should 'show off' to us haha.

I had a peek at your blog, are you guys back in Singapore?

3blessings said...

yes, we're back in Sg now. remember I commented on a post of Sean in his uniform (backview) along Barker Rd bus stop, and wondering how my boys will adapt to Sg edu syst?
it was a lil bumpy at first, with tr's emails to me back and forth, but now ds1 is in P2, and he's more or less settled.
the plus point being back is that both of them is improving in Chinese. :)

Lilian said...

LOL, that seems like a lifetime ago :D, so that was you. Glad to hear your boy is doing well. Actually, most of us who are overseas dread the thought of our kids going back to Sg school, fearing they can't settle in. But from what I see of friends who have returned, their kids eventually settle in and are all happy...more or less :)

3blessings said...

ya, we as parents tend to worry a lot. cos the syst overseas encourages them to be vocal and speak up and ask many Qs so my boys were like that.

they were pretty ok with the younger kids walking around the class too, or bringing things from home to share in class if they were interested in that.

not so much here cos the trs have to complete the syllabus in a fixed period of time. no time to accommodate individual interests much.

that said, my ds2 is in a more hands-on kind of presch so he did not have much of a culture shock

trs used to tell me my ds1 loves to blurt things out without raising his hand. now he is better on that.

he also got used to the huge amount of HW by now. thankfully. he had to get used to less playtime, but we did not enrol them for any extra lessons outside sch except for piano, so it helped that they still have quite a fair bit of time to play.

for me, i am happy that if i don't cook, there are so many options for takeaway. hahaha. i am so spoilt by the food here.

Lilian said...

Yes, somehow preschools in Singapore are able to provide a more free-moving environment, then the moment they get to P1, suddenly they are expected to sit still and be quiet, do worksheets.

Sean was surprisingly pretty compliant in class, but he was expected to sit down and be quiet a lot more than he was used to. So much so that when he got home, he became really quiet too! Or maybe he was just tired after a long day. The thing though is that the hours here are longer, 720-205, and his bus journey is about 40-45 min, but he never comes home looking tired.

Enjoy Singapore food! I am in food heaven here in Thailand, but I still crave for good old Malaysian/Singapore hawker food like charkueyteow, chyetowkuey, roti prata, bakchormee etc :D

3blessings said...

I would enjoy in Thailand too. I think Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore-- I'll be happy food-wise.

Lilian said...

I'm with you on all those countries except I've never been to Taiwan so not too sure. I think Jakarta would be fine with me too, especially since I understand Bahasa.

If one wants to, one can actually get by without cooking! Delivery service is very good. Right after this, I'll be ordering in from this great pizza place called Scoozi :D Husband has gone for golf and my older one is somewhere in Korat building a home for the poor.

3blessings said...

haha, yes i cook much less frequently back here... :) nice for B to do all these community work!