Monday, April 18, 2011

First anniversary in ISB

A year ago, the boys started school at the International School of Bangkok (ISB) right after Songkran break. So today kind of marks the first anniversary of their time in ISB as Songkran break just ended.  This video shows what life is like at the school.  Granted it is a marketing video, but it is a good reflection of the relaxed and nurturing atmosphere in ISB.

ISB2 from Chad Bates on Vimeo.

In fact, what struck the boys most when they first visited was just how happy everyone seemed.  The reality of course is that there are happy kids and there are emo kids, but the boys love their school and Brian in particular has had a busy but absolutely amazing time here.  No school is perfect and I don't hang around the school that often, but I have to say the teachers and staff whom I've had contact with here are truly top-notch, I would even say gifted in their area of work, be it in teaching math or providing counselling services.  I wish we could stay forever...

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