Saturday, April 02, 2011

Emergent Caterpillar

So there I was playing SketchnGuess on iPad with Sean. It's like Pictionary and the word that I had to draw was Caterpillar. So I drew this. Fairly obvious right?

Sean shouted out his answer, "EMERGENTS!" I went what? What the heck's an emergent? He quickly explained, "An emergent is like in a rainforest, it's a tree that pokes out from above most trees."

So I draw a caterpillar, and Sean sees this instead (pic below). Either he's a strange little boy or I have really bad drawing skills!

Layers Of A Rainforest


ada said...

Hahahahhaha! Well, here's the independent evaluation of your drawing skills... Audrey took one look at your masterpiece and said "Caterpillar!"...Guess that confirms you are quite an artist and Sean is truly one-of-a-kind! :p

Lilian said...

That's my girl Audrey! Clever little princess hahaha :D

Carol said...

Hahaha! I see a caterpillar too... And I took geography!!!

Lilian said...

haha...I think it's cos he didn't see the entire picture, he saw the process of me drawing the caterpillar, and thought it looked like trees!