Sunday, January 09, 2011

Seoul 2010: Skiing in Jisan

The main aim of coming to Seoul was for Sean to play with snow. I arranged for a day trip to one of the many ski resorts near Seoul. We went with this company called VIP Travel. We're quite pleased with their service and their funny English-speaking guide. One thing about Seoul that I realise is that the daily tours are relatively cheap. Check out the website and you'll see what I mean.

The tour cost includes gloves and ski equipment but not the ski outfit. Rental of ski outfit was about S$24 per person. Getting to Jisan from Seoul was about an hour plus. We rented our outfits and then took a short walk to the forest.

Jisan Forest. It was such a beautiful day when we were there. The sun was shining so brightly and the snow was just gorgeous.

There are different slopes for different ability levels.

The resort was teeming with people.

Our group getting our skiing gear on. This alone took more than half an hour, I think.

Listening to our ski instructor. Basic lessons are included in our tour package.

Of the 4 of us, Brian did the best. I was hopeless as expected and I don't think I'll be attempting this sport in future, wearing the boots and skis is a huge pain.

Sean wasn't too happy about skiing and gave up soon after basic lessons were given cos he said he came to play with snow, not ski! He had a blast just playing with snow from start to end. Mission accomplished, I guess :)


monlim said...

The scenery is soooo gorgeous!! Wow, all that snow - I'd love to go some place to experience that one day.

And I was surprised to see the hordes of people, won't they be skiing into each other??

Looks like Mary is making up for lost time, visiting new places :)

Lilian said...

The crowd is mostly at the beginners' slope but there's still enough space to 'ski' or rather slide along. The incline where Brian was skiing on was not crowded at all. And there are those steep slopes where we can see the snowboarders racing down, wowwww, so scary.

Mary went everywhere except Lotte World :D Bad themepark memories :P

elan said...

Sean still wants to play with snow? I thought he would have had enough of it in Moscow>
Yep, skiing is not for me too - my first lesson was just after I graduated from Uni an for 1 week after that muscles that I didn't know I had were aching badly. I can't imagine what it would be like now that I am so much older!


Lilian said...

You would have thought he'd be sick of snow after 3 years in Moscow right? But I think all kids love snow haha.

My muscles didn't really ache from skiing cos I didn't try very hard :P But the boots were hard to snap on cos I don't have slim calves. And I looked like Robocop when walking with the boots on. What a pain.

Justin said...

Hi there my names Justin and i was researching ski holidays in korea and happened to come across your blog! awesome pics btw. Sorry just wondering if you knew what the cheapest and best way to organize a trip to jisan would be i.e. ski package vs doing it yourself and the different type of accomodation there is up there.

Appreciate the help!

Anonymous said...

i'm travelling to korea and happen to chance upon ur blog on this one day ski tour.
Am wondering, which package did you take up with VIP Travel? I saw their website and there's 2 similar package but different price. :)

thanks so much in advance for the help.

le gra,