Sunday, January 02, 2011

Seoul 2010: Our Winter Sonata

Sean wanted to see snow during winter break and we had our annual free tickets that were expiring soon, so we decided to fly to Seoul during the last week of 2010. Seoul turned out to be better than I had expected. The food is good, it's easy to move around, cab fares are reasonable and trains are efficient AND cheap, shopping is fantastic, and there's skiing and themeparks for the kids.

Since we were using our free Singapore Airlines tickets, we had to fly back to Singapore first before going to Seoul. We arranged for the boys to have their eye-check in Somerset 313 during the transit. This is Mary on the MRT to the city.

Sean in Changi Airport, which I think is the best airport in the world...I know I haven't been to many airports, but Changi Airport wins hands down lah, I don't care what the surveys say. Free internet, free foot massage, GREAT food, subway connection, lots of shopping. So shiok, makes transits a lot less boring.

Almost ready to board. Brian played his Nintendo DS almost non-stop during this trip.

We all slept really well during the 6-hour flight and didn't take any meals on board. The plan was to take the limousine bus to our hotel in the city but we were surprised by our friend and Eddie's colleague Wilson, who came to meet us. Incheon Airport is not exactly near to the city, so we felt quite bad that Wilson woke up so early to pick us up. Really wasn't necessary.

Seoul morning sun welcoming us :)

Wilson dropped us off at our hotel, which is located in Namdaemun area, before heading off to work. Luckily, the hotel allowed early check-in so we managed to rest and clean up before going out to explore the vicinity.

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Tsu Lin + + said...

Are you kidding? Changi Airport is OBVIOUSLY THE best airport in the world! I didn't know got Free foot massage lah, which section? (If you tell me in SQ lounge, I will twist your fingers)

Shopping in Changi airport is also very syok!

Lilian said...

Yalah, so obvious right? Yet there are surveys that say KLIA, Incheon, are the best airports. C'mon...

When I said foot massage, I didn't mean by real masseuse lah, I meant the Osim ones hahahaha...sorry Changi Airport is generous, but it's not THAT generous :P