Friday, January 07, 2011

Seoul 2010: Lotte World

In the morning, when we woke up, this is what we saw from our hotel room, all of Seoul was covered in snow.

Sean admiring the view.

Today was themepark day. The two famous themeparks in Seoul are Everland and Lotte World. I was told Everland is very nice but not as accessible. Lotte World is right above the Jamsil train station so it was off to Lotte World we went. Lotte World has an indoor section which was nice in winter. Jamsil station was about 15 stops from Hoehyeon, with one train change. Easy peasy.

We headed out after breakfast. Instead of walking properly, Sean kept stepping on and kicking snow.

The short but precariously slippery walk to Hoehyeon station.

Korean workers getting their morning snack and cuppa.

Jamsil is 15 stops from Hoehyeon and the total fare for 4 of us was 3850 won, or less than S$5!! Crazy cheap right?

And it's not some stinky clunker of a train. It was a very spacious, comfortable, uncrowded train.

There's an underground mall before getting into Lotte World. We took this picture cos there's a fairly new Krispy Kreme in Bangkok and the queue has been CRAZY!!

We've had Krispy Kremes in London and it really isn't a big deal, J.Co is much better.

Inside Lotte World.

The indoor section of Lotte World has a roller coaster, viking and other scary rides but we went mostly on the non-scary rides. This photo was taken from a 'hot-air balloon' that went around the themepark. The rides look a bit dusty and faded but given the low entrance fees, can lah. I think we paid less than S$50 each, maybe even less than S$40 cos there was some special discount given when we were there.

There's a skating rink in Lotte World but it's not within the themepark, it's on a lower floor. I'm not 100% sure but I think you'll need to get out of the themepark to get into the skating rink. And you're not allowed re-entry into the themepark.

Panaroma function on Brian's Sony camera.

This is the outdoor section of Lotte World. We headed out cos we were looking for a Korean restaurant there.

The restaurant we ate in is the one with the Asian-looking roof. Lunch was beef and leak soup with rice.

Tower of terror I think. And next to it...

...Gyro Drop...which looks super scary! We didn't explore the rest of Magic Island (that's the outdoor section of Lotte World) as it was too cold.

We headed back around tea-time, tired of the queueing...we are so NOT themepark people. We passed a river on the train ride back to the city, oooh, so coldddd.


monlim said...

Lotte World looks fantastic!! Looks like you can probably spend a whole day there huh? Is it as big as it seems (assuming of course it's Summer and you can do the outdoor park).

I don't like Krispy Kreme too, ever since they removed the only flavour I liked - cream filled and choc covered. Now they only have the custard filled one which is so sweet your eyes will roll! Yuck.

Lilian said...

Yes you can spend all day there I guess. Not for us lah, we just can't stand queuing. Here's a map that'll give you an idea of the rides available in Lotte World.

I only found these sites right now,'s one that gives advice on how best to enjoy Lotte World.

Anonymous said...

Gosh!! We could have run into you!
We were there exactly the same period and we spent 1.5 days in Lotte World, Magic Island and the Folk Museum. We also went to Myeongdong twice.

We ate Mister Donut(heard it's from Japan?) instead but most of the pictures you have, we have, including the food. We went for the special dumplings as well.

We missed the skiing cos hubby fell sick so we planned to return or do so elsewhere this year.

What a coincidence and we had such fun during this trip. I think I would be so shocked if we actually run into you.


Lilian said...

haha...I know of two other families who were also there at around the same time! Seoul is a super popular destination.

I didn't know Mr Doughnut was from Japan. There're Mr Doughnuts all over Bangkok, I thought it was a Thai company.

Glad you had a great trip too. I was really surprised by how much fun we all had :D

Anonymous said...

Yes I believe it was a popular place. The hotel which we put up, we saw a couple of kids having breakfast and they spoke in English. They were either Singaporeans or Malaysians and one boy kept staring our way, think we must be same-kind to him. LOL.
I even bumped into a few Malay families in the Lotte World itself.

I was initially told that there was not much to do in Seoul for one week. Contrary to that, we actually did not have enough time so there was this lingering feeling to return to the place again. Though we did not manage to go skiing, it snowed so at least my gal got to see and touch the snow for the first time. It's like ice kachang to her. LOL
The freezing cold was part of the fun and I came back losing a few inches.

As for Mister Donut, this is what I get from Wiki but the person who told me the origin from Japan was my hubby....he likes to read and remember trivias..and my child takes after him, also like to provide me with alot of trivias. LOL

In 1983, Duskin Co., Ltd. of Osaka, Japan acquired the rights to franchise Mister Donut throughout Japan and Asia. Mister Donut is the largest donut chain operating in Japan


Lilian said...

haha...donut trivia. Mister Donut is Sean's favourite donut, and I always thought it was some lauya local donut, so didn't like him eating them :D

Falling snow is always magical, no matter how many times you've seen it :D