Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bangkok Eats: Taling Pling

Yesterday was Ada's last day in Bangkok. Her MIL and BIL had returned to Singapore the day before. For their 'last' meal, I wanted it to be something really good. On Monday, they had gone to Greyhound, one of my favourite restaurants here, and loved it, so we were tempted to go there again. Another option was to have Peking duck again.

Then I remembered a restaurant that some of my friends here have recommended, Taling Pling. I have been to Taling Pling but not at the original branch on Soi Pan, which is the nearest one to our place. The other outlets aren't really good but since reviews for this one were good, I decided that we should do lunch there. NO REGRETS. The food was wonderful. Somewhat pricier than the other places, but still value-for-money. Nice ambience and superb food.

Best Pad Thai I've had in Thailand so far.

I'm not a fan of green curry so I wasn't that keen on this dish anyway. The pork was quite tough so maybe get chicken or beef instead.

Tomyam Goong, 210 baht, just enough for 3 bowls :P You couldn't squeeze another spoonful if you wanted to (we so wanted to!)

Morning glory again :)

Some fried seafood dish, which was soooo delicious.

Pandan chicken for the kids, excellent too.

And for dessert we had mango sticky rice. At 200 baht, it was pricey but so fragrant and delectable.

Taling Pling is now my current craving :)


monlim said...

If you're craving it, you'll get another chance to eat there when we come by!! salivating over all the food now...

Lilian said...

haha, you think I can wait that long???

Yesterday, I attended Brian's brass band concert in school at night while Eddie stayed home with Sean. I decided we would have dinner at Taling Pling, when we reached the restaurant, it was 910pm. I even called to check when they would be closed...they said 10pm. So looking forward to it, only to realise as we were about to park that I forgot my purse!!! Just not meant to be.

Gonna find kaki to go with me for lunch today :)

Anonymous said...

How come eat so well and so much but never get fat????? So blessed! I breathe air and drink water also can get fat... LOL...


Anonymous said...

Lilian, you are one 'horrible blogger', posting all these great pictures of food, from Japan and now Thailand, make me so 'gian' (desire). Now, I go hint to my dh.... may be can go pak-thor in Thailand.


Lilian said...

@qx: Trust me, very pui now :P

@Chris: Please come and support Thailand tourism!

Anonymous said...

ok. Set. Now waiting for confirmation of return flight from agent.

Got MRT there now right? My last trip to Thailand was 10 over year ago....


Lilian said...

OMG! You serious ah! You just got back from a holiday aiyohhhh hahahaha. So lucky one. Anyway, Monica just told me that SQ is having promo, only S$300 to BKK. Go grab the tickets. I'm supposed to post on things to do in BKK, but a bit busy now with this free computer game that Mon got me hooked on. Let me know when u're here.

Anonymous said...

You lah, everyday I open your blog and admire the food pictures and lao chwee nuah.... (like I'm pregnant...LOL)

Wah, SQ got such good deal! $300 includes the Tax or not? I go check SQ site. I reserved my tickets from Cathay Pacific, at $273+ (included tax). But the agent said going there no problem, but return flights are full on those date I indicated, must check tomorrow again, sian half already. Oh, I'm going Taiwan this Sunday for 5 days... hippy!!!

I must enjoy now, cum next year, will be battling all the way till PSLE finish... *sian* But I intend to start only after chinese new year... lazy mummy. ;P


Anonymous said...

Lilian, is there only one international airport in Thailand? Is it Suvarnabhumi Airport?

I saw the SQ promo, including tax is $439.30.


Grace said...

Hi, this is grace again.
The maid agency is located at Telepark (opposite tampines stadium). It's located along the same row as Jean Yip hair salon.

Lilian said...

You lucky woman Chris, 3 holiday destinations in one December break! There are two airports, Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi, I'm not sure if only the latter is international, but that's the one that SQ flies into.

@Grace: You're an angel, that's all I can say :)