Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bangkok Eats: Je Ngor

On Sunday, Ada and gang headed out to the Chao Phraya and Wat Po on their own. They proceeded to Chinatown's Nam Sing restaurant for a sumptuous sharksfin lunch (I've never been there myself). We didn't join them as Brian had guitar lessons. Instead, we had a very late lunch at Paragon's Crystal Jade (yes, from Singapore), at around 3pm, and I was stuffed.

For dinner, Eddie stayed home with the boys, while I took a walk with our guests to a restaurant nearby called Je Ngor Kitchen. We usually go to another branch on Narathiwat Road, but this will do. As everyone was still full, we did not order too much. Most important is that Auntie (Ada's MIL) enjoyed her meal :)

Morning Glory 100 baht

Deep-fried minced seafood springball 100 baht (5 pieces)

Fish maw soup, there's a 400 baht bowl but we ordered the 600 baht one. There was plenty to go around.

Oyster omelette, not nice :P

Some seafood pancake. They didn't cook it so well today, but usually, it's quite yummm.

When we have our weekend meals, we usually order fish here, it's 350 baht for the fish, check the menu, so it's not that much more expensive than Lek Seafood. The fish is pretty good too.


Grace said...


I found a tortoise toy EXACTLY the same as Sean's Mary.

Opposite the stadium at Tampines, there is a maid agency called "Home Maids" or something like that. They have a little toy corner set up and they've a little tortoise just like Sean's Mary there. Exactly the same. Same colouring and all. It is definitely not new, looks well loved. :)

Email me at if you need more details...

Lilian said...

Arrangements have been made and I just want to say again how grateful we all are :) Sean doesn't know yet so we are now planning how to have Mary appear on Christmas Day. He's been praying for Mary to swim back from Disneysea so it will indeed be a Christmas miracle when she appears. Thanks to you!! And God of course :)