Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tokyo 2010: Tsukiji & Katsu Gen

3rd week of March 2010

Day 3 was Disneyland Day. Nothing much to write about, just lots of crowd again. I've been to Tokyo Disneyland 3 times, the first when Brian was 4 months in my belly, and all 3 times, the crowd was just unbearable. The highlight of the day was our dinner. Again, we had returned to our hotel to nap and then woke up to get to Disneyland for the night parade.

At the mall at the main station, we hunted for restaurants to eat in. Now when Eddie's with us, finding a place where all of us could happily eat in is a nightmare. He doesn't take sushi or sashimi while Brian and I love that, and he's also always thinking about what Sean needs to eat. And Sean is an amazingly picky eater, we'd end up in McD if it were up to Sean.

And that's why this trip was so great, gastronomically. Everything was decided by me :) So I saw this delicious-looking display outside a sushi restaurant called Tsukiji Tama Sushi. Of course, Sean also had to have dinner and he'd have nothing there. He had seen a katsu restaurant and insisted on going there. So we made a deal with him, that if he'd let the two of us eat first, we'll take him to the katsu place later. Everyone was happy. See? Comprising works :P

I think the sign says 180Y per sushi? I really don't remember now, but the sushis were delicious and well worth the price. I saw on google there are other Tsukiji Tama Sushis in the city which offer all you can eat deals but this outlet doesn't. Brian gobbled up most of the salmon...

...while I relished this. What's this called again? I just love this. It costs a lot elsewhere but in this restaurant it's the same price as the other sushis. The temakis are 180Y too, if I remember correctly.


We ordered more after we gobbled up the first order. Dinner was soooo goooood.

And then it was Sean's turn. The restaurant he was eyeing serves ONLY katsu. All kinds of katsu. Wow I didn't know entire families would come to a restaurant and only eat breaded deep-fried meat. I have never ordered a katsu for myself all my life, never liked it.

The restaurant was a really nice one though, and the quality of the katsu was really good, and there was a wonderful sesame aroma when the food came.

Sean tucked in and polished off his meal, including the big pile of shredded lettuce. He just loves his katsu. It was the most expensive katsu we've ever paid for, but a deal's a deal :P


monlim said...

I'm salivating!!! The sushi looks fabulous. Y180 for the sea urchin one is a fantastic deal, though not so much for the salmon.

Lilian said...

I also say! But Brian's favourite is salmon so he gulped down lots. The scallops were worth it too.