Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tokyo 2010: Tragedy in Disneysea

3rd week of March 2010

We headed straight for Disneysea after leaving our bags at the hotel reception. Disneysea this time wasn't quite as pleasant as in 2008, it was a lot more crowded. Something else happened that was quite tragic, to us. It was like losing a member of the family :P hee hee.

Now some of you may know about Mary. She is also known as Bryson. It was Mr Tortoise when Brian first got it as an airline giveaway circa May 1998 on a MH flight from KL to Singapore. Sean called it Mary and then in recent years, Mary only existed in the hand-talking tortoise world (pretend play by the boys) and physically it was called Bryson. Us adults still called it Mary.

Now Sean had been taking Mary EVERYWHERE. I warned him many times not to but he just loves his friend too much.

For example, when we were taking rides in the Mermaid Lagoon, he would show Mary/Bryson what's going on and talk to her/it. Many times, I would test to see if he'll forget about Mary by hiding her in like a small cave, or near a pot, and even when engrossed in playing with Brian, he would remember to look for his friend when leaving.

When Eddie's not with us, I would put Brian in charge. I don't like climbing on to ships or climbing up stairs or waiting in long lines, so I would make Brian promise to always hold Sean's hand and be with him the entire time, and then they'd go exploring together and meet me where I was, usually in a comfortable seat somewhere. So here the boys are queueing for some coaster ride. Apparently, while queueing, they were playing again, and Sean picked a flower, then he was letting go of the flower when instead of one hand, he released the other, and Mary fell,..., into the waters.

Look at Sean's face while he's taking the coaster. I was of course still unaware of the tragedy.

After the ride, the boys told me what had happened and strangely, I felt really sad. Sean tried to act nonchalant about it, laughing when we teased him that Mary loved the sea so much she wanted to stay on in Disneysea.

We could see where Mary was, we just couldn't reach it. It was clear that Sean was upset, but we just made up funny stories and I kinda told him I would write to Disneysea to see if they could get Mary at the end of the day. Of course I didn't lah, it was really a futile thing, just silly human nature to continue hoping.

We spent some time following Mary's trail down the river. Call me crazy, but I felt quite sad. At the time, I was more upset than Sean seemed. I think he still thought he'd get Mary back.

We joked that by the end of the day, Mary would probably be sucked into this whirlpool and like Nemo, maybe find her way to us.

No, even Mrs Incredible couldn't help.

And it was actually on this day that I started thinking I would take Mary's picture at all our future destinations, something like the garden gnome in Amelie. Sigh, it was not meant to be. Farewell Mary, you were a good friend.

Till today, Sean still asks for Mary/Bryson. He wonders too if it could be replicated. So if anyone knows of anyone who could sew a replica (material is terry I think), do let me know. My little boy is pining for his tortoise friend.

Last video of Sean and his buddy.


monlim said...

Aiyohh, when you write about it like that, so sad lah! I showed my kids and L-A said "sooooooooo sad!!" Andre said, "Was she a real tortoise?" Sigh...

Lilian said...

It's really sad lah...even when Eddie and my mum heard about it they also went, huh?...and were sad. Weird family we are but we can see how much Sean loved this toy. Tell Andre to Sean, she's very real.

The worst was seeing how he pretended all would be fine and then how hopeful he was that we'd get her back, kept asking me to email Disneysea :(

Anonymous said...

Your pictures of Mary drifting away in the waters, and the last video of Sean and Mary enjoying the ride together evoked a sense of poignancy. I feel sad for Sean.


monlim said...

Actually, you should have emailed them. Knowing how the Japanese are, they may just try to fish it out!

Lilian said...

@LL: Yeah, I felt really sad for him too. He really loved his toy tortoise, so real to him. Just now he went all quiet when he was reading this post. And later my husband told me Sean asked him to search for terry-cloth material to remake Mary.

@Mon: Sigh...now you're making me wish I had opened my mouth and asked somebody for help immediately. But I was thinking it's impossible to fish it out and also so few of the staff speak English. Actually, emailing is no use cos how the heck are they gonna find a tiny toy tortoise in all of Disneysea! We didn't even know where it had drifted off by that evening.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Lilian.. awww.. really sorry for Sean. BTW, I do know someone who may be able to sew one for him. I'll send you her contact (and samples of her work).

Lilian said...

Thanks Tsulin!!

Anonymous said...

I can understand the pain. My gal tears swelled up in her eyes when I threw away her series of favourite toys. She was trying hard to be strong. Not because I am heartless, she has had new ones replacing them and I have simply no place to keep so many old ones. She is very sentimental and a super hoarder.

My gal owns this tortoise since she was a baby. Do you think Sean would like this from Tiny Love? It is actually super cute and a toy which my gal "goo goo ga ga" with since she was 2-3 months old. I am holding it in my hand now. LOL

I can also sew a tortoise, just that I am not sure if I can do a complete replica to his if I cannot get all the materials. But if he leaves to my creativity to make one, I can do that cos I am a child myself and have made the favourite animal for my child before. LOL


Lilian said...

Not sure why but I couldn't see the picture in the link. I googled "tiny love tortoise" and saw some cute tortoises. Sean also has other soft toy tortoises but this one was extra extra special. I guess I should go hunt for the materials and if I manage to then I'll contact u okay? :) We know the exact colours, it's a bright lemony yellow, dark pink, and green, with sewed on threads for eyes.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know..you must click on the "features" then the picture would come up on that link I gave you.

Honestly I am not confident to sew exactly the same cos the expression of the eyes would be important in order to look the same. Suggest if you find the material, try to hand-sew it yourself because:
(a) sewn by mummy, even if different, it is made with love, he will love it to bits and remember forever
(b) i am confident you can do it


Lilian said...

haha...me sew?? er...not gonna happen :P Anyway, gotta find the material, by the time we get down to that, he would probably outgrow soft toys and stop asking for his tortoise. Just let this be part of our memory :)