Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tokyo 2010: Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay

4rd week of March 2010

In March this year, in the week between our move from Moscow to Bangkok, I took the boys to Tokyo. Our annual free air tickets were expiring by the end of the month, Eddie was busy wrapping things up in Moscow and work in Singapore, so I figured why not? Just me and the boys...we had a GREAT time!

I promised Monica I would post about the trip so more than half a year later, here it is :P My memories about the trip have faded somewhat. I remember arriving in the late evening so we stayed a night near the airport, maybe in ANA Hotel. We had a buffet dinner there, slept and the next morning we left for Disneyland. This is the boys' 2nd trip to Tokyo, the first was in 2008, when we stayed in the city. This time, I got a great deal at Sheraton Disney Resort, S$740 for 3 nights, upfront payment.

The room was huge. A family of 5, even 6, could easily sleep there. 2 doubles and 2 singles.

There's a little window opening into the bath.

Ask for a room facing Disneyland and I think we got an upgrade to a themed kids' floor, not sure how different it is from the other floors. Probably not much.

We could watch the nightly fireworks display from the balcony.

The hotel is within walking distance of Bayside Station.

Comfy Japanese PJs for everyone, I forget what it's called :P

The lift area on our floor.

Bright and cheery.

Sean was fascinated with this little door...to Jerry's house?


monlim said...

FINALLY!!!! Half a year late!! But the hotel looks super, I hope they have a promo again when we get to go next. And the PJs are called yukata :D

Lilian said...

haha...I had the red shirts occupying my mind then lah.

Your next trip to Japan, will u be going to Disneyland again? I don't think we'll do Disney Tokyo again any time in the near future, really fed up with the crowds.

monlim said...

The plan is to do Disney first before heading to Hokkaido. Yes, hate the crowds but my kids love Disney more :) We also prefer Disneysea to Disneyland.