Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tokyo 2010: Sheraton Grande Dinner

3rd week of March 2010

Disneysea was crowded and after losing Mary, we were all kind of bummed so we returned to the hotel to check in and take a nap. Well, we saw the hotel cafe/restaurant which looked very tempting. It was a buffet and quite expensive but we couldn't help it. Totally not worth paying for Sean but Brian and I ate up.

Bright and attractive place.

I think it was the giant lollipops that enticed us.


Trays and trays of food.

Mussels, but no oysters :P


My favourite and Brian's was this beef that they grill on the spot. We went many rounds cos each time the fella grills just a few pieces for you. It was soooo goood!


There was actually lots more food, I was too shy to take pictures cos my camera wasn't really small. Yet, out of all those food, this is all Sean ate, egg, chicken and rice with a bit of vegetables :P...

And just these for dessert. Total waste of money.

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