Monday, November 22, 2010

Tokyo 2010: Last day and a half

*3rd week of March 2010

Our Disney-free day was finally here. The plan was to get to Harajuku area and gorge on as much cheap sushi as we could at this Sushi Kaiten place that Monica had recommended and which we had gone to on our last trip to Tokyo. We also wanted to eat the Kyushu Janggara Ramen that we loved, also in Harajuku, just 200 m away from the sushi kaiten place. What a dilemma...the plan was to eat sushi for lunch then go somewhere else and return for ramen dinner. such happy dilemma. The Sushi Kaiten place was no more. No more!!! Replaced by a ghastly GAP store! I was soooo mad. Couldn't believe my eyes. We kept walking and looking and the entire building was no longer there. Renovated to house another over-commercialised clothes shop...I want my Sushi Kaiten!

Oh well, we headed for our Ramen.

This time we took the counter seats, and for some reason, Sean decides this time to hate the smell of Kyushu Ramen...grrrr.

The last time we were here, the fussy eater ate up, so I dunno why he suddenly says it stinks now. I don't know what this picture on the counter is saying but that's pretty much how Sean looked when the food came :P

With nowhere else to go, we headed for Shibuya. It was a drizzly day so not much fun to jalan-jalan. We did cross the famous Shibuya junction though, and had coffee at the Starbucks across the junction, said to be the busiest Starbucks in the world.

We then walked aimlessly looking at gorgeous Japanese food displays and getting a little lost too finding our way back to Shibuya Station. Bought the boys ice-cream.

And these cakes are just so fluffy, light and delicious.

Oh, Monica recommended that we try these crab-filled croquettes (?), isn't that a game? None of us like it though.

Beautiful...just beautiful.

Took the train back home, can't remember what we had for dinner and watched fireworks from our bedroom.

The next day, we still had more than half a day before heading for the airport. To make up for the Sushi Kaiten disappointment, we went to Tsukiji Tama Sushi again :) This time, I also had a chirashi set which came with delectable chawanmushi, in addition to lots of sushis. It was just as great the 2nd time round.


monlim said...

Susheeeeee, me want susheeeeeee...

Yah, GAP vs sushi kaiten, no fight lah! Bahhhh.

Lilian said...

Do the sushi pictures make you drool? haha...cos they make me drooooool soooooo much.

Anonymous said...

Dun worry.... I will eat on behalf of both of you..... Wahahahahah!!! *evil wink*


Lilian said...


monlim said...

*smacks Chris and hides food teleporter in her luggage*