Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tokyo 2010: Disneysea at night

In all our trips to Disneyland, we've never stayed on for the night parades, maybe just once in Paris. Our accommodation was always in the cities, be it Hongkong, Paris or Tokyo, so Eddie would always say we should get back before it's too late. And we generally lack the stamina to last all day in a themepark. But this time, since we stayed within Disney resort, we got to go back to the room for a nap and return refreshed. Monica had told me we absolutely had to catch the night show at Disneysea, what's it called now? Can't remember...but it was great, something about good vs evil. Oh yeah, Braviseamo?

Anyway, this is a video we took at Disneysea in the day.

And of the night performance.

Watched the fireworks display after this performance and then went on a few more rides before heading back to zzzzz.

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