Saturday, November 13, 2010

My teenager thru the years: 2009

11 yrs 2 mths to 12 yrs 2 mths

Visiting cousins in KK, Sabah.

Ice-skating in Megamall.

Hanging out at Auntie Monica's when we first returned to Singapore for Brian to take his PSLEs.

Joining Pri6 after the June hols to prepare for PSLE in October. Sean's first day ever in a Singapore school.

Flew to Bangkok during the September week hols for a much-needed break. Sean turned 7 there.

Playing with Krit & Kant and their dog.

At Ampawa Floating market.

Wishing he didn't have to leave Bangkok? Maybe...

Back in Moscow after PSLE. Before leaving for winter concert. Growing up real fast.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! Brian is a young gentleman now!! He has changed quite a bit.

Wah, lilian, you must start to screen the girls that call him liao...LOL

Btw, what's his phone number huh? (ofcouse not for me lah)


Lilian said...

They change so much's scary. Oh ya, the girls thing...already started, giving me headache. Girls these days very daring lah...