Friday, November 12, 2010

My teenager thru the years: 2008

From 10yrs 3mths to about 11 years 2 mths.

First week of 2008 in Kuala Lumpur's newest mall then.

At the 4th grade Russian dance performance, with my friend May's son Krit.

Brian's class was a little special, and they got to perform at a concert televised on national Russian TV, which meant extra practices. He's posing before leaving for the concert.

Brian in his Singapore school for 3 weeks of Pri 5. This was his first time back in Singapore school after leaving in the middle of Pri 1.

On Sean's birthday, enjoying a bubble bath in the jacuzzi.

In front of St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow.

At the annual Moscow Honey Festival.

Turning 11 with his best buddies from school. Except for Gherardo on Brian's right, the other kids have also moved away from Moscow. Two went back to their home countries of US and Canada and one is in Amsterdam.

Tucking into Kyushu (Janggara) Ramen in Harajuku, Tokyo.

With the Great Buddha (Daibutsu) at Kamakura, near Enoshima.

My futile attempt to get the boys to exercise more regularly.

At the playground of our place in Moscow. This was the first time I realised how fast Brian was growing :(

Ice-skating on Red Square.

This was taken when we visited the Mother Teresa Orphanage to deliver Christmas presents. Sean was so excited before going and started picking out his Ty bears (still new) and balls to give away. He kept talking about the visit and couldn't wait to go. Brian was kind of nonchalant about it. But when we got there, it was quite overwhelming, it wasn't just an orphanage, most of the people there were disabled in some way and some were young adults who had lived there all their lives and had nowhere to go. Sean went all quiet, especially when we went to a room where there were 3 bedridden kids who were paralysed from birth. I think one was maybe 18 but physically looked 7 cos of muscle mass loss. Sean was shocked. When the kids wanted to take pictures, he didn't really want to. But Brian came forward and became extra friendly with them, posing with them and getting Sean to do the same.

This girl was the first to welcome us, together with the Sisters, and she showed us around. She's a big help at the orphanage and very capable. She also kept wanting to take pictures with Brian :)

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