Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My teenager thru the years: 2007

9 years 3 months to 10 years and 1 month.

I found this video while looking through my 2007 blogposts. LOL!, Brian's Brit accent which he lost the moment he went to an American school in Moscow. He used to be so PROPUH, now it's "like uhm like like um like"...gahhhh! In this video, he was practising for his class assembly play the next morning in which he takes on the role of a British reporter during the 2nd World War.

Every day, I'd have to walk some 15-20 minutes to pick Brian up after school. Sean would scoot niftily along in his reliable skate-scooter.

On our walks home from school, we would frequently stop by the Original Maids of Honour shop to have scones, pies and afternoon tea.

April 2007, Sean gets to join his korkor in KGPS, his first day of school.

Last day of school in London :( This was a really good solid all-round school. Teachers were knowledgeable, caring and kind with their words. Here, the school headmistress Mrs Gardener presents Brian with a farewell gift, a hard-covered beautifully illustrated copy of Alice in Wonderland.

At the Moscow zoo. A couple of posts ago, there's a picture of cotton candy but now I realise Sean never even tried cotton candy then. This was his first taste of cotton candy and look at his scroungy face! It was a long time before he tried cotton candy again.

Holidaying in Hongkong. I have quite a lot of photos of Brian rolling his eyes up like that every time I take a picture. He would pose normally, then just as I click, he rolls his eyes up, just to annoy me!


Tsu Lin + + said...

Oh, I just love his accent! How could he lose it after that - I can't stand american accent :P (I guess it's an acquired taste)

Eh, lucky kids who get to have scones & tea everyday. I haven't even had scones/eng tea in UK for all the time I'm here. And SW gets cafeteria food everyday after school - she requests it because she doesn't want to go home for makan. Notty!

Lilian said...

I know! I love British accent too. American one, when used by teenagers, just sound so, surfer-dudeish. Something like, "Hey, dya wanna like, go hang out, like, at the mall, like, later?" :P

Scones and tea, not every day lah...else get obese the way I lather on the clotted cream. I like this particular place cos they have tea with scones and any cake for a pretty reasonable price. And the chocolate cake there was quite yum.

SW is lucky too, get extra free food! About her rice with yoghurt/honey, why don't you pack a little of your fantastic Sambau for her to mix with her rice? :)

monlim said...

OMG, if you close your eyes and just hear the video, you'd think it was some ang moh kid speaking!!

The prep school look is so darn cute and of course, English tea with scones is just scrumptious!

PS Sean must be the only kid I know who doesn't like cotton candy :D

Lilian said...

Scrumptious...a word that's straight out of an Enid Blyton book :) We first heard of scones from her books right?

Yeah, Sean is...Sean :P