Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My teenager thru the years: 2006

8.2 years to 9.2 years old.

PREPPY!! and CHUBBY!! I don't know how he got so chubby. We had arrived in London only a few weeks earlier, must be the duck rice. This was taken on his first day at school in Kew Green Preparatory School, a lovely, smallish British Prep school located right next to the Botanical Gardens. There were quite a number of good schools in the Kew Gardens area but I felt this school was the least Victorian (strict).

On a very cold February day in Piccadilly Circus. Gosh I miss London!

On one of our daily walks home. Check out the bunny teeth on Brian :) My mum kept saying he was buck-toothed and would definitely need braces. Thank God her prediction didn't come true, Brian grew into his teeth lol! and his teeth are now quite even.

Playing masak-masak with Sean. Sean's wearing this pyjamas now.

At Victoria & Albert Museum

Sharing a double cone after school one day in summer.

Tower Bridge.

The day he turned 9.

Took the Eurostar to Paris right after they recovered from chicken pox. Outside the Louvre.

At Sacre Couer.

Learning to cook. He hasn't progressed much since :P Can only fry eggs and cook instant noodles.


mun said...

Can't imagine he was that chubby at one time. So good to see Brian and Sean having such a good relationship! Ah, the joys of having siblings.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Look how smart prep boys are! Always liked how immaculate & posh they look in those uniforms.

Is V&A a good place for kids? I never wandered inside, because I'm usually constantly bored by museums of most kinds. :P

Lilian said...

@mun: They're very close but these days Sean wants to hang around Brian more than Brian is willing to :P

@Tsulin: Yeah, I love British prep school uniforms but some cost a bomb, eg the school blazer was 80 pounds!

I wouldn't have known it if someone hadn't told me, but V&A has a very nice section which conducts free kids' activities. Go in and ask.

I'm also usually bored with museums but the kids love lah. And in London, the museums are FREE! In the V&A area, there are also the Science Museum and Natural History Museum, the boys loved going to those two. Me? zzzzz haha.