Monday, November 08, 2010

My teenager thru the years: 2005

From 7 years & 3 months to 8 years & 2 months.

Bubble-bath in our Frankfurt house. Brian was about 7 or so when he started helping me shower and change Sean. They showered in the tub and Brian somehow managed to carry him in and out every bath time. I can't imagine Sean being able to help anyone out now, he only learnt to shower and wash his hair independently this year!

Face-painting in Europa Park...awesome theme park.

Sean had a lick of the cotton candy and flinched, refused to have any more.

In Rheinfels Castle above Rhine River, St Goar. These spherical rocks were actually used for catapults in the past.

In Koln/Cologne.

In Rothenburg, a well-preserved walled medieval town.

This was Sean's standard pose for the longest time. Little Kyra is so cute and chubby!!

Beautiful Christmas Market in Frankfurt.


Tsu Lin + + said...

I guess the eldest is always more "responsible" due to circumstances, and if you're younger or have no younger siblings, there is no urgent need for you to learn how to "care for a younger sibling" - makes sense? But Brian is really caring to his bro. Always sharing things/food with Sean.

OH Sean doesn't like cotton candy?? How can? That was my only highlight everytime my parents brought us for our weekly stroll to "Jaya Supermarket" in Section 14 - they have a big ass toy shop there (then). Usually we just browse the toys (no, seldom ever buy toys) and then at the end of the trip there's a cotton candy machine which my bro & I will pop in a coin and wait for the lady to help us turn it. It's like eating cotton clouds! Ahhh..

Lilian said...

You're right lah, I was the youngest so maybe that's how I turned out so lazy :P Sharing food? That's cos mummy kiamsiap, buy one both share!! haha.

I loved cotton candy too. Brian too. Sean was probably just shocked cos of the tingling sensation the cotton candy made on his tongue. I asked him just now and he said he's okay with cotton candy now. Still not crazy over it though.