Monday, November 08, 2010

My teenager thru the years: 2004

Taken from 6 years & 2 months to 7 years old.

This was the year Brian started Pri 1. Here he is at chess training.

At St Hilda's where he spent half a year, we entertained notions that maybe he could pick up table-tennis. :) Fat hopes.

He had piano lessons, kumon, chinese tuition of course, some national junior squad chess training (which I think is a ripoff to make parents pay for more training :P). I began to find that I was just driving him from place to place all the time. If he were still an only child then, I think that would have been fine, but I was filled with guilt about not spending time with Sean.

When my mum began to go back to Malacca more often and for longer periods, leaving Sean at home with only Siti, my helper, my guilt intensified. Siti was great with Sean and doted on him, but with all of Brian's activities, I hardly spent any time with Sean. We decided to pack up and join Eddie on his posting to Frankfurt.

Brian on his first day of school at Internationale Schule Frankfurt. I think this marked the start of the Ugly Duckling period :)

Sean turned 2 the week we arrived in Frankfurt. Hee hee, Sean's so ugly :P Don't say I'm mean, I'm just being objective. He's a cutie now :)

We had a surprise visit from my cousin-in-law Kenneth, who dropped by while on a business trip to Dusseldorf. The picture was taken outside our townhouse in Sachsenhausen. We were the first to live here, past SQ folks lived in Westend, the other side of the river. An earlier house-hunting trip to Frankfurt had yielded nothing and I chanced upon the advert for this house by some convoluted sleuthing and Google translate. Immediately made Eddie meet the agent (he was already set on an apartment in Konstablerwache which I discovered on the internet was in a building next to a gay cinema). 6 years later, SQ folks are still living in this house, you can't find a better place given the budget, and also a nicer landlord.

Brian celebrated his 7th birthday with one guest, his schoolmate Ellen. Ellen had spotted this new Chinese boy during PE and befriended him (talking about Brian lah). We later found out she was the daughter of a Malaysian restauranteur we had befriended. Ellen and Brian played together all the time during his time in ISF, but had a fall-out a couple of months before we left. Brian was a VERY PETTY little boy then. haha.

This was taken in Sachsenhausen by Main River on an autumn day. We would walk from our place cross the river to Zeil, the main shopping street. You could also feed ducks along the river, which we did a lot.


Domesticgoddess said...

huh? Sean looked so cute when he was 2. Still cute now, but in different way.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Very strange, Sean doesn't look like Sean (now) at all! Can you also please write Brian's age underneath the title so I know how old he is then? :)

Lilian said...

DG: You're too kind. But look at the picture with the birthday cake, alamak, hahaha...

TsuLin: Sean's looks changed when he turned 2 and since then, I find he hasn't changed much. Brian's looks changes a lot more. Okay okay, I'll write the age :P