Monday, November 08, 2010

My teenager thru the years: 2003

Taken from the time he was 5 yrs & 4 months to 6 years & 2 months.

We didn't travel anywhere in 2003, I think. This was the year of getting more acquainted with little Sean. Brian doted on Sean and Sean adored his korkor. But I remember spending very little time with Sean. I was working and sometimes after work, I had to drive Brian off for Yamaha JMC classes or Kumon or speech and drama or chess later on. Things were hectic, really glad we left that all behind the next year!

Most of the pictures taken are with Sean, whose eyes can't be seen in every picture :)

This was taken at Brian's kindy graduation concert. He went to K1 and K2 at Changi Bethany Kindergarten. This girl Janelle was the prettiest girl there :) and would take care of Brian by bringing him his cup of milk during snack time. I think she was quite bossy too haha. The teachers paired them up for the concert.


monlim said...

Isn't it always the girls bossing the boys around in pre-school? L-A was bossing the older boys and Andre was being bossed by a very pretty young thing!!

So sweet to see the bond between the two brothers :)

Lilian said...

Ya, I remember L-A bossing Brian around too hahaha...she was always the teacher and he the student. Little boys are just sotong lah.