Saturday, November 06, 2010

My teenager thru the years: 2001

These were taken in May 2001, when he was 3 years and 5.5 months.

In 2001, on another visit to Rome, we drove to Orvieto and Assisi. This was taken in one of the medieval towns we stopped by on the way.

I was looking through some old emails and now realise Brian was quite rascally too at this age. Here's what I wrote about the trip:

"He also bullies his daddy, like step on Eddie's shoes, or beat him. AND he won't let Eddie and I talk during the car ride, will shout and say, "NO, don't talk!, I want to talk to Mummy!". Or if I tell him, "mummy needs to talk to daddy about something" he'll go, "okay, but don't talk too much" followed by,"stop talking!".

During this trip, Brian calls himself a puppy "woop woop" his daddy elephant "trumpet trumpet" and me froggy "gribbit gribbit". We don't like it so we gang up to call him piggy "oink oink" when he calls us elephant or froggy, he gets so mad when we do this. Just now in the middle of the night, he shouted in his sleep "I'm not piggy, I'm woop woop".

We also went to Florence again, cos I love Florence. But the 2nd time round wasn't as magical, I think Florence in winter is prettier.

Brian chowing down on spaghetti in Florence. Till today, he loves pasta, while Sean doesn't.

In the background is a Smart car, which back in 2001 looks so futuristic. I love this car, and you saw them everywhere in Florence.

Rubbing the nose of this boar is said to bring good luck.

This was taken by the sea in Rome, in a place called Fiumicino (I'm guessing it's near the airport). There's a restaurant here that we go to whenever we're in Rome, outstanding Italian seafood.

This was towards the end of 2001, Brian is dressed as a reindeer for his school's Christmas concert. He's lost lots of his chubbiness. This was the start of the skinny era, till he became chubby again around 8/9.

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