Monday, November 15, 2010

My teenager this year

In Moscow, with two guests from Prague, for the Mathcounts CEESA competition, which Brian won :)

At his Bangkok school, returning from his first ever Habitat4Humanity housebuild.

He's changed a lot this year, now he has his MP3 perpetually plugged into his ears :(

Sean still idolises Brian. Brian gets impatient with Sean and sometimes isn't very nice, but they have a lot of good times together. Sean's without his two front teeth here :)

Twiddling his thumb at a company dinner, very bored.

In Hua Hin.

Safari World at the Giraffe feeding area.

Every month, there's alternate dress day in school, kids can be out of uniform and usually there's a theme. In this case, the theme was Shades.

At his 2nd Habitat4Humanity housebuild.

Brian and 3 of his friends formed a 'rock' band :) and here they are at their first performance during Middle School assembly.

Celebrating his 13th birthday with a few of his closest friends. We've been having lots of fights/arguments this year, especially the couple of months before he turned 13. But since turning 13, things have been pretty good...

One of the latest pictures I have of Brian. This was taken just before he left for a 4-day trip on an Operation Smile mission (about 10 days ago).


monlim said...

Looking at Brian's pic at the beginning of this year compared to now, he has really developed and not just physically. You little boy is all grown up now *sniff*!

Lilian said...

Sigh...this year has been challenging. He's having such an amazing time at school and the school is so great in many ways, but I'm not crazy about the peer influence. He's had to grow up so fast and while it's great that he's so good at adapting, I'm just a little sad he's lost that blurness and innocence.

Anonymous said...

Lilian, Brian resembles you in some of the photos. He is a good looking young man!!


Lilian said...

haha Chris, people always say he looks like me, but I honestly don't see any resemblance.

Anonymous said...

Lilian, he does look 101% like you as he grows older though I don't recall how your hub look like. Only difference is Brian seems to be growing some moustache now.

His biggest change was from before PSLE to after PSLE. The after PSLE look looked like he found freedom! LOL

Anyway I think from 12-13 is a big transformation. Can see in L-A too and I remember it was the same for myself.


Lilian said...

"The after PSLE look looked like he found freedom!"

HAHHAHAHAH...I wonder if the same occurs for all other PSLE-taking kids or not!

For me, I felt the biggest change was probably some time after he started school here. Monica suggested that the way someone thinks can affect how they look. I thought that was an interesting notion.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm usually a passive reader, but your photos series is making me prematurely nostalgic over my boy. *sniff*

Thoughts affecting looks - yes, I do agree. Also read a recent article that brain research suggests that children starts to develop introspection between age 13-19. Perhaps this is when they start going through things we say and do, and reexamine everything, plus of course, inputs from the all-important peer influence.


Lilian said...

Hi Iris...thanks for the link. Wow 13-19 eh? So I'm just at the start of this journey, that's scary!

Enjoy your boy while he's still sweet and doesn't mouth off so much!