Monday, September 13, 2010

Tree-planting for real the 2nd time round

Back in early 2009, when Brian was in 5th grade, he and a couple of his classmates worked on a project to mark the end of Elementary School. This was a project that lasted a few months, culminating in an Exhibition day where groups will present what they've done to parents, teachers and schoolmates who visit their booths. Unlike past years, the kids were limited in the scope they could cover, I believe most of the projects were on the themes of either environment or bullying and something else. They also weren't allowed to do any fund-raising like in previous years.

Now, for Brian's group, they chose the Environment theme and in the process Brian learnt quite a bit on all the technical terms about the harmful stuff that's going on in the environment (which funnily enough helped him in either his GEP social studies or PSLE Science, I forget). They also planned for a tree-planting day to coincide with Earth Day.

However, they were advised that saplings were too costly, so they ended up planting shrubs :), better than nothing lah. Pictures here were taken in May 2009. Brian has changed so much in a year plus.

The shrubs were planted right near the entrance of the school.

I was never sure if the shrubs survived the 2009/2010 winter. When we left Moscow, it was still bitterly cold and the shrubs were just twigs.

Well, two Saturdays ago, Brian had the opportunity to do tree-planting for real this time. 30 kids from both Middle and High School went to a place near Cha-Am, about 3 hours from Bangkok, to plant 300 mangrove trees. This was to offset the school's carbon footprint from flights. These are pictures from the school club's public site.

Brian said it was no easy task planting these saplings. They all wore boots but would get stuck in the swampy mud and find it hard getting out. There were also leeches and I think worms in the no likey...

Seems like a back-breaking job to me. To make the job even harder, it rained heavily while they were working. Brian was drenched and the worst part was, he didn't bring a change of clothes.

Part of the 300 mangrove trees planted by the kids.

Even though they arrived in Bangkok really late after the bus broke down 7 times (!!), and he was wearing drenched clothes for most of the day, Brian was really happy to achieve what he had set out to do in 5th grade. Better late than never!


Tsu Lin + + said...

The bus broke down SEVEN times? Unbelievable.

But good for Brian - i see he is abit of an environmentalist? I once released turtles into the sea & helped clean up part of the beach where the turtle eggs were being "nested" but leaches.. oh no, no thanks for me.

Lilian said...

Wow, Sean will love you for helping the turtles. Was this off the beaches of Terengganu?

monlim said...

Seems like this school encourages a lot of community work, real community work I mean. That's excellent. Of course you couldn't have paid me to do it, once you mentioned "leeches". Ewww.

mun said...

You must be so proud of Brian. Good work, Brian! As green as I want to be, I don't think I want to plant saplings in the rain and having to waddle through mud.

Lilian said...

The kids didn't encounter any leeches though they were told there were leeches in the swamp. Brian did meet a fat worm though :) I agree with you guys, I don't want to be knee-high in leechy mud either.

The school provides sooooo many different avenues to give back to the community, not just for the kids, but for parents as well. But I've yet to get off my butt to do anything lah :)