Monday, September 13, 2010

Switcheroo with Mr J

Every week, there's Switcheroo in school for Sean, where teachers swap classes and read to the kids. So one day, Mr J from another class was reading a book to the class and later he told them they could ask him anything about himself.

The reason we're talking about this is cos I had asked Sean if he liked Mr J, whom I had hoped would be Sean's class teacher this year. I have this thing about boys faring better with male teachers, you see :P Anyway, Sean loves his current teacher, Ms C, so everything's cool.

Back to Mr J. Sean told me Mr J had hair coming out from near his chin. I gasped, at first I thought Sean was talking about a mole with hair sprouting from it. I asked, "You mean you asked Mr J about that???!!" He smiled, "Yes."

What did you ask???!!!

Sean said, "Why do have a little beard here?"

Of all the things to ask!

Thankfully, Mr J was a good sport, he said, "Once upon a time, I had a goatee and I shaved it off and I was left with a beard. Then I wanted to shave it off, so I did, but the power went off so I was left with that clump of hair."

I laughed so much at Mr J's explanation while Sean was puzzled about why I was laughing. He really believed what Mr J said. I was kind of relieved the clump of hair was indeed a mini-goatee, not a hairy mole as I had thought earlier :P Somehow, I think Mr J would have come up with an equally hilarious reason even if it were a hairy mole.

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