Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sean's 8! (Part 2): School celebration

Continuing from the previous post, this is how Sean celebrated his birthday in school. Now Sean is finally making friends in school so he actually wanted to have a party. I contemplated doing something in a Fun-rama, a huge indoor playground. But by the time he told me he wanted a party, there was so little time to prepare...and most kids live near the school and I wasn't sure how many kids would turn up in the city on a weekend. Okay okay, I didn't want the stress...maybe next year.

So I told Sean we'll bring in cupcakes and goodie bags to school and he was happy with that. I was really excited when I found these cupcakes in a small shop some 10 minutes drive from my place. They are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I didn't care what they tasted like but today I ate one (okay, a couple!) and they are amazingly delicious too. Lovely butter cream and cool fluffy vanilla cake. Perfect!

Another picture. When I first saw these cupcakes, I fell so much in love with them. It feels so magical :)

Close-ups. Aren't they delightful?

Another couple of pictures taken with my G11.

His friends went Oooh and Aaaah, yes, even the boys. One boy told Sean, I wish it was your birthday again tomorrow so we can have this again. A girl said, I wish it was your birthday EVERYDAY so we can have this everyday. :) The girls were eyeing the full-rainbow cupcakes, which came in a couplet. There were 4 of these, ie, 8 cupcakes.

For party favors, I packed each kid a small blue bag of goodies and gave them a photo holder, but instead of a photo, I clipped on a little heart instead.

The photo holder's base is actually like those snow-globe thingies, when you shake it, the fruits inside move together with the stars and flakes.

In the goodie bag was a mini toblerone, 2 different types of jellies, a marshmallow, Haribo gummies and Chuppa-chup lolli. I didn't want to stuff too much sweets lest I get complaints from parents :P

Happy Birthday to you....

Sean hands out the little gifts...

and the goodie bags.

The kids sit back and enjoy the delicious cuppy cakes.

And my baby's 8 and happy :)


monlim said...

The cupcakes are really too pretty to be true. But do they really taste good? Butter cream... urrrrgggh... sounds cloying and sweet. I think your choc cake would taste better lah!

Lilian said...

Aiyohhh, they taste heavenly lah, serious. These days butter cream isn't like when we were young, so heavy and rich. Even Bengawan Solo's butter cream is lovely.

Y'know, the cupcakes were so pretty that I didn't care if they tasted good or not. There wasn't any sample at the shop. I just ordered lah, figuring kids won't care about taste :) But when I ate it, wowsers, so amazing. Light and fluffy and not too sweet. If it didn't go straight to my waistline, I'd order another box today!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Sean!!

These cakes are lovely, so so lovely!!


Lilian said...

Thanks Chris :)

Tsu Lin + + said...

I love! I wish I can be 8 & have a birthday party like this..

I love the rainbow cuppies.. really merry!

Lilian said...

The rainbow cuppies really made all the difference lah. Guess it was worth hunting down the cakeshop :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I chanced upon your blog, and these cakes are beautiful!! Please tell me where they're from? Thank you!!


Lilian said...

Sorry Sherin, I've been out of blogger action for a long time. You probably forgot about this post. But the shop's name is Riya http://www.themarriage.com/riya/website?rven=958#