Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sean's 8! (Part 1): The prezzies

And my baby turns 8 today. This is the first year that he's truly waited for his birthday in anticipation. In past years, he's been pretty nonchalant about his birthday, in some years he told us he didn't want any presents cos there was nothing he needed or wanted. This year, he asked for a stainless steel wind spinner that he had seen at the basement of Raffles City last year. What a waste of money :P I wasn't returning to Singapore anytime soon and it's hard enough describing what a wind spinner was, and I wasn't even sure if the stall was still in Raffles City. I wasn't about to send my friends on a wild goose chase.

Thank goodness Monica gave me a brainwave. She had bought some Pink Panther VCDs, so I started googling for Pink Panther shows and found there was a 5-disc Collectors' edition. Sean immediately changed his mind and said he wanted the dvds instead. I ordered it off Amazon on Aug 19th and even with expedited international shipping (2nd fastest, US$17 shipping, fastest would have been even more!), delivery date was 10 September, 3 days after his birthday. He was a tad disappointed but said it was okay, as long as I made him a card if the dvds didn't arrive by his birthday. When I asked if I could just buy him a card, he said no, he wants me to make him one cos "it feels nicer".

And then 2 days before his birthday, on a Sunday, SURPRISE! The much-awaited package arrived. I was so happy I couldn't wait to show him. He quickly peeled off the package. The message from us. He smiled and then wondered, Did you type this in there? Hee hee.

I teased him, "It's Pink!!" He retorted, "Panther! Pink Panther!"

When I ordered this DVD set, it was US$34 on Amazon, then when I checked again this week, the price was now US$63! I was pretty pleased with my newly-discovered Deal!

Another present he received unexpectedly was this book.

Every time we go to Kinokuniya, he would hunt for this book and read this in the store. I wouldn't buy it for him cos...erm, of the pricelah, it was about S$40. Anyway, I had already bought him another book from Kino called Parallel Universe. So we were in Kino on Sunday, and this book was half-off! So I told him he was in luck, this would be an early birthday present.

And of course, there was this present from his korkor, plus an hour of tortoise talk tonight, he couldn't be more excited. Oh and the presence of his porpor, who flew in from Malacca to be with him on his birthday. Porpor also gave him an angpow.

While everyone was asleep last night, I was busy making his birthday card. This was after hours of baking his birthday cake and preparing for his birthday celebration in school today. It was only later that I realised the card wasn't necessary, cos the dvds arrived on time. Anyway, this was what I wrote on the card:

My darling, perfect Sean,

We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

WE LOVE YOU ever so much.

Mummy, Daddy, Korkor, Porpor
and Mary too
(with a tiny drawing of a tortoise).


monlim said...

Very very very nice!! The case for the PP DVDs look sooooo cute! Totally worth it and I'm so glad it works on your player. PP is timeless lah. They never showed it on tv here so I introduced it to my kids recently on Youtube and they couldn't stop watching!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!!! *kisses & hugs across borders*

Lilian said...

Hehehe, he has you to thank too for his timeless present, you gave me the idea. He couldn't be happier with the gift.

He is so hard to buy for. So I'm glad about the dvds too, else I'd be buying him the stainless steel windspinner he initially wanted. Mesmerising to look at yes, but what a waste of money! Not cheap at all, about S$80!

monlim said...

$80 for a windspinner? Cannot lah... I understand the difficulty in buying presents. I always have that problem with L-A! Andre is so easy, always lego.

So in future, you can just introduce him to other DVDs! Then the whole family can enjoy too, hehe.

Lilian said...

I'm having the same problem with Brian's present. At his age, the things he likes are either too expensive or too cheap, making me feel like a scrooge.

Eg, I did think of laptops (bo lui liao, can't afford), ipod touch (still too expensive :P and he already has his MP3 player), a new phone (his phone's charging is wonky, but I only like iPhone and that's too expensive unless he takes over when I upgrade mine which won't be for a long time)...

Books are boring, dont' have to wait for occasions to buy them. So guess what he asked for, a US$9.99 game for the iPad hahaha. I feel so scroogey.

Any tips?

monlim said...

Tips? I have the same problem leh... so for L-A, it sometimes simplest to buy a couple of books she likes but I know lah, it's not that special since we buy books all the time.

Electronic gadgets are exp but well, if you don't HAVE to get an iphone for him, it's quite a good prezzie. I was going to get L-A a touch phone for Christmas, then it turns out I could get one free for my handset upgrade! So she tan dioh and I've gotta think of something else for Christmas :P