Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sean's 8! (Part 3): Birthday cake

Now although I had already bought those gorgeous rainbow cupcakes (previous post) and even an extra box of blue-heart cupcakes (below), Sean still wanted me to bake him a cake. I've only ever baked one type of cake and yes, in the past, I'd bake cakes for the boys to take to school. But that was cos we were in angmoh countries, where cakes not only tasted bad but were expensive. We are in Bangkok now, gorgeous, delicious, cheap cakes were a-plenty.

But how do you say no to your kid when that's what he wants for his birthday. So out I went shopping for ingredients, grumbling about the exorbitant costs of these imported stuff (whipped cream, butter, vanilla extract, chocolates etc). Many of the stuff I used for baking couldn't be brought in from Moscow as it just wasn't allowed. I had to throw lots of stuff away when I left Moscow. I didn't expect to have to bake again :P

So anyway, I'm posting this picture to remind Sean of the time he made me bake his cake. He's licking the icing. The thing is, Sean never eats much of the cake I baked in the past. Many people have said they like the cake, including Brian's classmates and the boys' teachers and my friends, but whenever I bake my cake, the boys and Eddie would take only one slice each, and I end up eating the rest. I reminded Sean that he doesn't really like my cake, he insisted he did.

It was really a LABOUR of love...laborious is the word, cos I'm not exactly loving the work, baking stresses me out. So much work to do in my tiny kitchen, flour and icing flying all over. This morning, I woke up and iced the wording. The ganache looks uneven but I kinda like the look of the cake this way. But I knew Sean wouldn't want it simple like this.

So the final look was this.

Eddie wanted to go out for dinner but Sean's always happiest when we eat at home. So we cooked his favourite dishes, had dinner and sang him a birthday song. The candles were in the words I LOVE YOU, 8 candles altogether, just nice :)

Our dessert.

And true to form, Sean ate about half his slice before I saw him struggling. I said, See! You don't like my cake, why did you ask me to bake it?? He smiled sheepishly and said, Because we don't have it frequently, so I forget that I don't like it, so I want it cos I think I like it, but actually I don't.



Babypowder said...

Hahaha.. ultimate! I forget how cute and funny Sean can be!!

Awesome cake, btw!! Looks absolutely delish!



Lilian said...

Thanks for the wishes Wendy.

You can't imagine how much I grumbled about baking the cake, right from the start when he asked for it, then insisted on it, to the supermarket while I was balking at the prices of ingredients, to the baking process, ganache-making, icing, even till the time we were eating hehehe. He just smiles while I grumble :P

And now that I have all the extra ingredients, gotta continue baking right? Else wasted!

Babypowder said...

Hee.. your load of grumbles were probably like music to his ears!!

You are right!!



Lilian said...


Anonymous said...

The cake looks very well done and it certainly looks delicious too.


mun said...

Happy belated birthday to Sean! Lilian, you are such a good mother to grant him all his wishes. Sean must be loving you to bits! :)

Lilian said...

Thanks Mun :) I don't buy my kids heaps of toys nor fancy gadgets nor take them to many holidays, so whatever little I can do to make their big day delightful, I'll try to do lah, as long as it doesn't cost too much :P

Tsu Lin + + said...

LOL!!! OMG! Love Sean's reply... classic! You really need to blog it to show him next year incase he asks for another home-baked cake.

And I'd be very happy to be your kids - Can cook, can bake, can do maths, can laugh at silly jokes..
(of course you look like my twin sister) ;)

Lilian said...

Luckily, after school the next day, he did eat up quite a bit of the rest of the cake, so I'm guessing he kinda likes it now :)

Besides all those things, I'm also a mother who canes :) and nags, and grumbles a lot!