Monday, September 13, 2010

Green, not Pink, Panther

Brian has become quite the greenie in our house. In school, his elective is Environmental Stewardship and for after-school activity he's also joined the school's environmental group, the Green Panthers.

He's tried to get us to drink from the tap instead of the supplied bottled water (I'm vetoing the idea till I get more convincing evidence), apparently bottled water is really bad for you. He's also changed his tooth-brushing and showering habits by not letting the water run the entire time, apparently if all 4 of us do this, we can save almost 400 litres of water a day. But I'll be coldddddd... :)

At night, he refuses to turn the air-conditioning on in his room. A couple of times last week, he woke up in the middle of the night as he couldn't sleep. I now realise it's probably cos of the warm muggy air in the room. Last night, I made him turn on the airconditioning, and he slept comfortably all night.

Anyway, about a month ago, Brian told me about this water bottle that folds up when you've finished drinking the water. I was intrigued when I saw it for sale at the bookshop. I picked two up for the boys, more cos of the space-saving idea, than for environmental or health reasons. The boys have been happily using these for the past month.

The bottle is almost flat when empty, takes up very little space, and is extremely light. When it's filled up with water, it stands upright like a proper water bottle. When you've finished drinking the water, it can be rolled up, definitely a space-saver.

I guess I shouldn't even call it a bottle, since the product is touted as the anti-bottle. It's BPA-free! I used to think this talk about BPA was just scare-mongering but with Brian reminding me every other day how bad plastic bottles were, this gives me a little peace of mind.

1% of proceeds goes towards saving the planet. The bottles don't come cheap, I can't quite remember how much exactly they are, but it's about S$13 I think.

As if we're not convinced enough about how green this product is.

Where to get your anti-bottle.


Wow, there's a blog post by this lady on the anti-bottle, and the number of comments on that post is more than 400! There's definitely interest in this product, I should be distributing and marketing it! Has anyone seen it in Singapore or Malaysia? :)


monlim said...

It's good lah, what Brian is doing, although I think it's a green phase. L-A went through it too. But it's that generation that will face the impact of our destruction to the earth the most, so it's great to know the consciousness is there to want to make a difference.

PS and apart from the water bottles not being green, they're harmful too! When I read about the plastics leaking into our food, messing around with the hormones in our body, it really creeped me out.

Lilian said...

Haha, these two will probably go save the whales one day.

Today in school, it was Meatless Monday, so the cafeteria was not serving any meat. Brian helped put up posters to propose that every Monday be Meatless Monday; he said it wasn't a popular proposition hahaha. He had enchiladas with beans, I grimaced when I heard.

Yesterday, I got Sean to sleep with Brian, therefore giving me the excuse to turn on the aircon in Brian's room. Today, Brian convinced Sean about the evils of CFCs, and the little fella went around the house turning off the airconditioning. Right now, both are in bed in the same room, with the aircon turned off. Let's see how long this lasts :)

Yeah, the conversation with you about plastic and hormones was scary. Y'know, I remember using the same Avent milk bottle for Sean for a long, long time...yikes :P

mun said...

If only everyone is like Brian. I try to be as green as I can but I still feel that I am not doing enough. I wonder whether the anti bottle is sold in M'sia.

Lilian said...

Now I feel bad. I don't think I've been very green at all. Anything I do that's good for the earth would be entirely incidental; the real intent would be for money-saving or health purposes :P So environmentalists will have to make NOT going green a very expensive affair, that's the only way people like me will be converts :)

mun said...

Oops sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad. As long as you are doing something good for the earth it is good enough. It doesn't matter that your reason for doing so may just be for money-saving or health purposes. It is the end result that counts. Every little bit helps. :)

Lilian said...

Haha, you're very sweet Mun, but I was just kidding about feeling bad :) But yes, our kids being more aware also guilts us into becoming more aware. So I am more vigilant these days in turning off everything when not in use. Very different from before.

Elan said...

Good for Brian! I hope he'll influence my 2 Earth-murderers to be more green. They leave a trail of turned on air-conditioners where ever they go, in the house and I have to run around the house nagging or turning them off myself. It's an automatic reflex for them to reach for the aircon remote when they step into any room (even when it's just to fetch something!) but not to turn it off when they go out. GRRRR.
btw glad to see you blogging again.

Lilian said...

Earth-Murderers!! made me laugh so much.

Maybe you should dock their allowance from now on, say 5% of monthly electricity bills each :P Like I said, the only way I'll turn greener is if it hurts the pocket :) And I know Singapore utility costs are very high.

Btw, not that he'll need it, but all the best to Daniel for PSLE.

Elan said...

Already threatened to dock their allowance but haven't carried it out. Not good at discipline lah! Ok will do it from next bill!

Thanks for your good wishes. We're both very switched off now since he got into ACS(I) already :-)


Lilian said...

Congratulations to Daniel...but I'm sure he's working hard to get his Xbox 360? haha, or have you already bought them that?

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Lillian! This is L-A. The anti-bottle is an awesome invention!So glad Brian is going green.:D

Brian: yeah! I support you, its very important to stand up for your beliefs!:) Especially if its going green! But, hen3bao4qian4 S'pore very hot, still need ac:P How u sleep without ac there i do not know. Health is important too, make sure you get a good night sleep ok?:)

Hope to see yall soon!

Lilian said...

Hi LA, lol it's ok, I can sleep fine as long as I don't use the comforter :) Thanks for the support!


Hi Lesley-Anne, your first comment here I think, yayyy :) You two carry on with your good GREEN work, we will provide you with lots of moral support, in cool comfort :D

Auntie Lilian