Thursday, September 02, 2010

Advice from a child

For the past month, I've had Veena, an English-speaking Thai lady come in 3 times a week to do some general cleaning and cooking. Her cooking repertoire is limited but for the most part, what she cooks is pretty delicious. I've been pleased. Then she told me another family offered her a full-time position so she had to leave. She recommended her friend to me and said her friend was a better cook than she was.

Today was Malee's first day at work. She only had to cook 3 simple dishes, and all came well below par. The tomyam goong was tasteless, the morning glory was very salty and the chicken nuggets were soggy and oily. It was a huge difference from Veena's cooking. I was pretty upset and explained to her what was wrong with the dishes.

Now, I admit I'm pretty anal when it comes to food. I can get unreasonably cheesed off if my meal is spoilt, and tonight, it definitely was. I spoke in an impatient voice when I was telling her all that she was doing wrong.

Suddenly, Sean appeared beside me and then he said softly to me, "It's only her first day..."



ada said...

Way to go, Sean! Trust a child to put things into perspective... very helpful especially on those "mad mom" days (you know, when things just aren't going mom's way...)! You are really blessed to have such a sweet, sensitive boy :)!

Lilian said...

Thanks Da...

I don't like it when I'm nasty like that too...but really sian lah. The previous helper was so good.

Anyway, I'll try the new help one more time and if still bad, I'll go without help again as I have most of all these years. Rather that than go through the stress :P