Monday, August 02, 2010

Why does time fly by so fast here??

Summer hols is almost over for the kids, just a week left before school starts. We've kept the boys busy by going bowling, ice-skating, go-karting, movies, Dreamworld, Hua Hin and we've had 3 groups of visitors in the past couple of months (compared to just 1 visitor the entire 3 years in Moscow).

In the midst of all this, I've been trying to update missing posts in this blog.

Here are my posts about our experience during the entire Red Shirt protests:

Red Shirts in Ratchaprasong
Red Shirts in Sathorn
Close Shave in Ratchaprasong
Red Shirts in Rama IV
Into the heart of the red shirts' den
Temporary Truce
Red Shirts near our apartment
Getting out of Sathorn
Escape to Safety
Bangkok Burning
Flight to Safety
Relaxing by the Esplanade
Dark Clouds over Bangkok
Central World Disaster Site

Phew! And here's a post about Sean's swollen finger after a door slammed on it.


monlim said...

Oy! How come your blog like glut or drought one hah??? Aiyohh, Sean's finger look seriously scary, I think I would have fainted!! Luckily it's ok now.

And the protests are so bad for BKK, so sad for such a peace-loving country :( Seems like so much has happened since you were there!

Lilian said...

Hahahah, now rainy season mah...

Nolah, I've been updating but most are backposts. I'm playing catch-up. Still got all the Tokyo food pictures I promised you, every time I see them I launuah again hee hee.

You're right that lots has happened since we came. We arrived right when the protest started, quite suay huh? Praying peace will prevail so that I can see you here by year-end :P