Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Tans visit Bangkok

My friend Karen, whom I first met in Frankfurt back in 2004 and who is now based in Singapore, flew in to Bangkok with her two older kids Declan (10) and Kyra (7) for a much-needed break. Perfect hubby Daniel stayed back in Singapore to look after their little 1-year old Kylea.

Plans to take them to Hua Hin and even ice-skating fell through when Declan had fever all the days they were here save for the last day. He stayed home most of the time playing DS with Brian. What did that leave for us to do...but SHOP and EAT!!

The day they arrived on Friday, we had dinner at Secret Garden, which serves to-die-for crepe cake (3rd cake picture in link) and chocolate cake. This place is perpetually full, has a great ambience but doesn't ever seem to have children amongst its patrons, mostly yuppies who work in the CBD area.

On Saturday, I took her to Central Chidlom where she ecstatically found some gorgeous bras (no, not Wacoal). We then went to Platinum Fashion Mall, which was CRAZY packed. I had been warned not to go there on a weekend but Karen's trip was a short one so we had little choice. I'm never going there again on weekends. SOOOO many people. She had some good buys here including tee-shirts for her hubs, pretty dresses for her little one, hair clips and hair bands for Kyra, and slippers for herself. I know she could have shopped there for much much longer, but it was time to head back for dinner. Dinner was at our favourite Korean joint in Sukhumvit Soi 12, well-marinated barbecued meat, lots of free appetisers and spicy kimchi soup.

Sunday was massage day. Karen and I had a 2-hour Thai massage while my part-time helper cooked a delicious Thai lunch for us. There was Tomyam Goong, brocolli, red curry and fried chicken. We didn't go anywhere in the afternoon as roads leading to the major shopping areas were bound to be jammed. For dinner, we went to Banana Leaf, another Thai restaurant, one of those cheap and good cafe-style types.

On Monday, Dec was feeling better but not well enough to go ice-skating, which we had originally planned for. Instead we took them to Sam Pheng in Chinatown where you can find virtually anything. Karen went quite crazy there, bought tonnes of stuff to fill up the goodie bags for Kylea's birthday this Saturday. Cute erasers, diamante hairbands, loads of little soft toys, and I don't know what else. We intended to be done in an hour so we could leave Chinatown before traffic got bad but 2 hours into it, Karen was still not done. We only covered maybe one-twentieth of the place. Me, I got a few shopping bags that fold into little tiny bags, cute erasers (I'm a sucker for stationeries) and two light umbrellas.

Lunch was at Uomasa, a Japanese restaurant in Thonglor. We then headed for Platinum again for Karen to get some more stuff. Dinner was a Thai restaurant near Rama 3, called Anna and Charlie's, yummy food, nice ambience, very welcoming to kids.

And that was it, the Tans left yesterday. The house feels really quiet now :*


Bao said...

So jealous! I wanna join in as well! 2-hour can only dream...

Lilian said...

You're welcome always :) And Karen didn't really enjoy the Thai massage at the place I took her to, she said not enough Crick-Crock.