Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sam Pheng Buys

I had taken Karen to Sam Pheng for her to look for party favours to stuff in goodie bags and hadn't intended to buy anything myself. But I left with two very light umbrellas (only 1 shown here) and 3 shopping bags (which fold into tiny little bags). Nothing I really needed but they were so cheap and pretty to look at.

Pretty erasers, with detachable parts. Not particularly cheap, but irresistable :)


Tsu Lin + + said...

I love that bag with the elephants... and coincidentally, bought those erasers in Msia to be given as souvenirs. Too cute! (Isetan Msia was selling sushi ones for like RM21.90 for a set of sushi. I bought those from el-cheapo shops at a fraction of the price, but neeedless to say, they aren't sushi ones)

Lilian said...

Ooohhh...sushi erasers, I would have succumbed. I am such a stationeries junkie!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Lilian, I know! How very cute (see link here, the ones in Isetan are something similar, with a box too - lunchbox sushi erasers anyone?

I think we will def visit Bkk again when the hub comes along, as for timeframe, i really won't know till the time comes. Haha! Hopefully early next year. :) And yes, I'd love to go San Pheng with you lah... look at all the stuff you could buy for party bags! Cute.can.die. And stickers!! SW would prob swim in all of them!

Lilian said...

Aiyoh, those sushi erasers, with lunch box some more! But way more expensive than what I paid for mine.

Hope to see you next year, and maybe by then Daphne would have moved to her new house and you'd be nearer to me, we can meet up more easily :)