Friday, August 06, 2010

Reasons to continue chugging along

The other day, the boys spent hours going through this blog, in particular posts with labels Seanism and Sean, and I could hear them laughing hysterically every now and then. The poem on this particular post got them laughing like hyenas. That's one reason I continue doing this blogging thingy :) They love reading old posts, especially about themselves, such narcissistic kids I have.

The other big reason is the wonderful folks I've met in real life through blogging. There's Elan, whose son came home one day last year to tell her there was a new boy in class (Brian who had returned to take his PSLE) and she immediately said, "Let me guess, is his name Brian and did he just arrive from Russia?", which made her boy's jaw drop...LOL! Funniest thing ever...Mummy is all-knowing! Elan doesn't blog but from her comments, I had expected to meet someone quite serious, as it turned out, she laughs a lot, is quite giggly, very sweet and reminded me a lot of Monica.

There's Eunice,10-year veteran of Bangkok now living in Ho Chi Minh City, who gave me wonderful tips on Bangkok living. Very funny and chatty lady, again...I had expected someone more serious...and quiet haha.

And then in June, Tsu Lin from London messaged me to say she was thinking of coming to Bangkok to visit her inlaws but was wondering if it was safe to do so. Now, weeks earlier, I had met a group of Singaporeans/Malaysians, at a makan session. Among them was this lady Daphne and her mom who was visiting from Melbourne. We got to talking about London and she mentioned that her brother lived there.

I've "known" Tsu Lin since London days, but although we were in London at the same time, we've never met. Tsu Lin had mentioned that her sister-in-law (husband's sister) married a Thai and is living in Bangkok now. But I never made any connection. I also did not make any plans to meet Tsu Lin as I understood such visits are usually time-constrained, any time not spent shopping and eating should be spent with family, not some stranger you met over the internet.

Imagine my surprise when I received an sms one day from Daphne saying, "I have a visitor from London who knows you." LIGHTBULB ABOVE HEAD...DING DING DING...I immediately replied, OMG, Tsu Lin is your sister??? Silly me, sister in law actually. We then chatted on the phone and made plans to meet near Daphne's place.

Daphne was with her little girl Patreeya and Tsu Lin with Shean Wenn. I can't remember the name of the joint where we had breakfast at but the food was good.

Tsu Lin blogs about our meet-up at the end of this post. I had always wondered if my blog persona is similar to my real-life one, and according to Tsu Lin, it is. Others may disagree. As for Tsu Lin, she's absolutely gorgeous with freaking perfect skin, and thinner than she looks in pictures. And as sweet as she is in the virtual world.


monlim said...

I totally agree, one of the perks of blogging is meeting all these great people! If you say Elan reminds you of me, I think Eunice reminds me of you!

And not sure if you realise but even though we were friends for a while, we only became this close after the blogging started :)

Lilian said...

Yeap, we were totally out of each other's radar in the hostel and even when we lived in the same development :) Strange right? But I'm so glad things turned out this way, you're an amazing friend.

monlim said...

Right back at you! If you'd told me back in the hostel days that we'd be close friends, I'm have been astonished, haha! The websphere wouldn't be half as fun for me if I didn't have you to share it with :)

Tsu Lin + + said...

Your online persona is exactly how you are in real-life!

And actually I only started reading your blog when you were in Russia, Lilian (although I commented on many of your older posts). It is def too much of a coincidence that you have met Daphne before you met me, imagine if you have not met her, I may not get to meet up with you in June.

PS : I do chuckle reading some of your posts re your boys too! And come on, everyone's a narcisist somehow. I love this post! :P

elan said...

I've been checking your blog almost daily and there were no new posts and suddenly after an absence of a few days there's a deluge. Pleasant surprise too that I'm mentioned in it (see narcissistic too!)
Keep up the blogging!
Methinks you're a little different in real life from your blog persona - more laidback, and prettier!


Lilian said...

hee hee, so many narcissists they say, birds of a feather :)