Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kids in Sam Pheng

I wouldn't advise taking kids along when going to Sam Pheng. The place is crowded and on some narrow alleys, vans drive past leaving no room for pedestrians to walk. However, as we were only planning a short shopping trip before heading for lunch, we decided to take the kids along with us.

They spent their time making up games to play. This game is one where you try to make the other person laugh within 10 seconds. You win if you succeed, and you lose if you fail, simple.

Sean's trying to keep a straight face.

They look like they're having a confrontation, don't they?

I spent my time keeping watch on them as Karen busied herself with some major shopping.

Later on, Sean and Kyra started looking out for vans and waving hello to the drivers (last year, when we were having tea at Borders, these two stood at the door and started greeting passersby too).

When he got bored, Sean started making this a competition, trying to prevent Kyra from waving hello. Kyra, as usual, was very good-natured about this.

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