Monday, August 09, 2010

Four-faced Buddha at Hyatt Erawan

It was the first day of school for the boys today but I decided not to go to school (thus missing the Elementary School Parent meeting) as I was not feeling well. Took a nap after sending them off on the school-bus and when I woke up, it was time to head out for my lunch with an old friend from Singapore. Ahem, yes, I felt fine enough to have a Peking Duck lunch, but not for school :P

Lunch with Joy-Marie and her chubby 4-year old Kieran was fun. He kept reciting some National Day Mandarin poem in a great accent, mighty impressive. Her pair of 2-year old twins (Craig and Astrid whom I dubbed Bouncer and Beauty)did not come along; they were roaming Siam Paragon with her two helpers from Singapore.

After catching up over a yum lunch, I let JMT off to start on her shopping spree. The weather was pretty nice today, so I decided to take a walk. Took some pictures at the famous 4-faced Buddha by Grand Hyatt Erawan. I had a nice stroll before hopping on a cab home. But I think once I get hold of a pair of Fit Flops (which 2 friends including JMT have sworn by), I will start wandering the streets of Bangkok by foot more often, and hopefully take more photos too.

View as you enter the shrine area.

4-faced Buddha

Lighting joss-sticks

Collecting holy water?


Lots of elephant figures.

Dancers getting ready to perform.

Thai dance.

View of Central World from inside the shrine compound.

Little birds in tiny cages belonging to a lottery ticket vendor right outside the shrine.


Babypowder said...

Nice photos! :)

So far everyone I know who owns a FitFlop.. SWEARS by it. Even my mom owns two pairs!

Anyway, what programme do you use to frame your photos? Nice leh..

Lilian said...

So do you have a pair yourself? Your mum so hip one ah. I just got myself a pair today, after thinking so long about it, sim tiah, so ex :P

I'll email you the programme :)

Babypowder said...

Nopes.. I don't have one FitFlop myself. I tried it but my broad chubby feet erm.. don't look very nice in it leh. Haha..

So how? You finding it comfy so far? It's supposed to help you lose weight as you walk in it!! Quite power, right? Haha..

Thanks!! Will play with the prog later!! :)

Lilian said...

It's comfy but I got a couple of small blisters today. Then again, I'm prone to blisters and get them even when wearing comfy Scholl sandals AND birkenstocks.

Tsu Lin + + said...

I love your photos!!! Tell me which prog you used. Amazing stuff.

Oh, speaking of shoes, I don't find Birks comfy at all, something to do with my high-arched feet which can't weat flat shoes. (it's gotta be slightly elevated) How much FF selling in Bkk? It's around £35 here.

Lilian said...

OMG, that's bloody cheap!!! Only about S$75!!! Grrrr....

I paid about S$134. If I really like it, next time I tumpang you to buy okay? Arrrggg, could have saved so much!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Sure : Not sure if the design you got is similar? They are available in Boots here.

Lilian said...

Mine's the sequin-y ones. But I like these too. So cheap!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Very very nice photos, very 'golden' too!

I can't use a FF, it didn't fit well for my fat feet. ;-P


Lilian said...

Long time no hear Chris! Hope you and the girls are doing fine :)

I've been wearing my FF lots, but it's very hard to match with anything except jeans. Very chunky-looking!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lilian, we are doing fine. ^_^

Hey, sometimes the forum we frequent has spree for FF with very good deal. There was once I think it had 50% discount, so many placed the order.


Lilian said...

Ooohhh, next time there's a spree, you help me buy okay? 50% off is fantastic!

M. Han said...

Hi Lilian,

I'm a Singaporean who happened to stumble upon this blog accidentally. I am most intrigued by the gorgeously framed photographs in this particular post.

I really must find out from you what is the name of the program that you used to achieve the effects? Please tell me, I really must know what is this wonderful software!

I would be most most grateful if you could email it to me if it's not too much trouble?

Thank you so so much in advance! You are very eloquent in your blog posts. A fantastic mother who is also tech-savvy. A rare breed indeed!

I hope to hear from you soon, really can't wait to find out what is this wondeful software that you are using on the photographs!

Lilian said...

haha thanks for your kind words...i hope you check in here again, I'm on my ipad and am too lazy to email so let me know if you get this message. The website is


Singaporean said...

Dear Lilian,

I got your message! I just came back to this post and saw your reply. Wow! I never knew such a website existed! Thanks a million for the link! Fantastic!