Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A snail mail and an email

After dinner last night, Eddie suddenly remembered something, he said, "Sean, there's a surprise for you. Someone sent you a postcard."

The postcard had been sent to Eddie's Moscow office and rerouted to his Bangkok office. All the way from San Francisco.

It was from Sean's Kindergarten teacher, Ms Cheung who taught him in the 2008/09 school year. She taught in Moscow for only a year and went back to California after that. I thought it was so sweet of her to still remember Sean and to send him a postcard. He was thrilled.

And a month ago, right after school in Moscow closed for summer, I received an email, this one from, Mr R aka TBG, who was Brian's homeroom teacher in 2008/09. 2008/09 was Mr R's first year teaching in Moscow, and he stayed on for another year. He moves on to Shenzhen after this summer hols.

The email was sent to 4 families and it said,

"Dear Friends,

As I prepare to leave Moscow, I just want to reiterate how fortunate I consider myself to have had the opportunity to work with your children at AAS and to get to know your families better. I still look back fondly on my first year and consider that class the "one-in-a-million" that becomes the yardstick by which I evaluate future classes of students.

Please don't hesitate to give me an update on how things are going, and with some luck our paths will likely cross again.

Thank you again for your friendship and support!"

Mr R has always been a wonderful advocate for Brian while Ms Cheung has given me pretty sound advice whenever I shared my concerns about Sean. I'm so glad we're still in touch and hope all our paths cross again one day.


Suji said...

Wow, what amazing teachers Lilian :) I had very few I can remember with fondness but those few were truly special. Have a wonderful week ahead!

Lilian said...

Hey Suji! You're talking about teachers in Malaysia? haha. In my primary years, I did have a few nice teachers but as I grew older, teachers didn't seem to like me very much! Looking back, I probably had attention deficit issues.

But yes, these are amazing teachers. I should let Mr R know that to Brian, he is the "one in a million" teacher who becomes the yeardstick for evaluating other teachers. It's so true. And Ms Cheung totally gets Sean. I hadn't expected that at the start of that school year, but it turned out to be a fantastic year for Sean.

Anonymous said...

Surely Sean has made an impact on the teachers too! I don't think the teachers gonna write to 30-40 kids in a class... :) Hopefully my child can leave such positive indelible impression on her teachers when she leaves school at P6.


Lilian said...

Hey QX, :) not so many kids in his class, maybe around 15 or so. If a teacher had 30-40 kids to handle in a class, plus all the other admin stuff to handle, it would probably be harder to get to know each child.