Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Enigmatic Experience

Brian had a movie outing with his schoolmates today (Wednesday). First, we picked his friend John up and then arrived in Siam Paragon where they were to meet the others at Starbucks. Instead of heading home and out again to pick them up later on, I decided to watch Inception with Sean.

I love watching movies in Siam Paragon, the entire setup is lush and plush, even the basic lowest-price theatres have very comfy seats. Now for Inception, the next showing was one that was at the top-class theatre there, called Enigma. I balked when the staff said tickets were 1000 baht (S$45) a pop, and apparently you need to buy 2 to go in. Included in the price are appetizers, cocktails and popcorn. I said forget it, then he told me that with my stored-value member card, I only needed to top up 150 baht a ticket. I thought, hmm, why not, just for the experience.

Enigma, oooh, looks like entrance to a nightclub eh? Well, on the internet, it is touted as one: "When movies take on the clubbing style exclusively for members. Enigma is the one and the only cinema in the world that resembles the hottest club in town. The hottest meeting point where the amazing feeling of clubbing collides with the thrill of movies. Experience the visionary and eye-opening entertainment that take you out of this world at Enigma, an executive movie club for sleek individuals." Hee hee, of course Sean and I were out of place, but not so much on a weekday afternoon showing lah.

We walked up the ramp and found ourselves in a lounge just outside the theatre. We sat down and the concierge served us our drinks (ordered kiwi juice for me and coke for Sean).

The bar counter. The concierge then took our order of food down, to be served during the movie. Each ticket is entitled to an order of appetizer. Looked at the menu and saw mostly hors d'oeuvres and also spaghetti. Had just had lunch, so ordered Satay for Sean and Shrimp wrapped in sugarcane for myself.

The theatre seats only 34 and the seats are actually day beds, filled with plush pillows and blankets.

Got this picture off the internet. And this was how Sean and I enjoyed Inception, with food and popcorn and drinks.

As I said, Paragon theatres are already plush, and their VIP theatres have very comfortable reclining seats, but Enigma takes it to another level altogether. I could so get used to this!


monlim said...

Waah, looks fabulous!!! But you know ah, I have this sneaking suspicion of whether sofa seats are cleaned properly. I mean, pple may put their feet and what not on them right? Oh and how do you stay awake during the movie???

Lilian said...

Alamak, now you've got me icky...haha...nolah, I'm thinking they would change those that have been sat on, cos the seat covers look like bedsheet material, easy to remove. Of course they may not lah, so gotta make sure most of my body is covered, no shorts or sleeveless clothes.

Strangely enough, I didn't fall asleep at Inception, but I did at Despicable Me. I think I had too much carbs before watching the latter :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! :) Looks so diff from those in S'pore