Monday, July 26, 2010

Beijing Duck in Bangkok

I love Peking Duck, just love it. In London, we would eat this dish in our favourite chinese restaurant Pearl Liang pretty regularly. As expected, Peking Duck was hard to come by in our almost 3 years in Moscow. We did have it in China Dreams, a restaurant which was really far from our place, but it wasn't fantastic enough to brave traffic for.

Happily, in Bangkok, we were introduced to this dimsum restaurant in the city which serves very delicious Peking Duck at a superb price of 590baht (less than S$30) for an entire duck! Any surprise I've eaten here twice since Friday? The dimsum at the restaurant is quite good too, definitely better than other dimsum restaurants here such as Pan Pacific's Hai Tien Lo and Siam Paragon's Crystal Jade, and at more reasonable prices.

Of course, it has nothing on London dimsum restaurants, but the price here can't be beat. Won't reveal the name here cos as it is, the place is usually fully booked. We didn't make reservations today, and I had to talk to 3 waitresses before they reluctantly released a table for us.

Anyone who's visiting Bangkok and wanna try this place can always leave me a comment or ask me over FB/email, I will unselfishly reveal the name of this little gem.

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