Saturday, May 22, 2010

Relaxing by Esplanade

A photo I took from Esplanade. Singapore's skyline looks gorgeous but there seems to be new buildings and roads sprouting up every half year or so that I feel so much like a foreigner whenever I visit.

I've been catching up on sleep, didn't realise how exhausted I was from late nights checking on all the latest developments in Thailand. Mum came down from Malacca to see her grandkids. Today, we had dinner in MakanSutra and then just enjoyed the breeze by the Esplanade. Food was really good mostly, but quite expensive for hawker fare.

I didn't manage to meet up with anyone except Hsien who came by to hang out near where we were staying. We arrived on Thursday and are leaving for Bangkok tomorrow. Very happy to hear that some kind of calm has been restored in Bangkok. Too bad I won't be back in time for the I love Thailand cleanup. Would have loved to be part of that.

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