Friday, May 07, 2010

Lovin' the library

There are many things I love about the boys' school here in Bangkok. One of these is the Elementary School (ES) library. It's spacious, colourful and it has really cool pod-like bubble chairs. I could hang out here all day. Trouble with this is, Sean often comes to the library during recess when I'd prefer him to be playing with other kids at the playground (he's allowed to go to the library for half the recess if he chooses to, and he does).

I met the ES librarian Tara on the boys' first day of school and she was really welcoming. I found her blog TLC (Tech+Library+Classroom) as well as her book recommendation blog, Great Reads.

So for those looking for elementary book recs, hope this helps you guys.


monlim said...

The library looks so bright and cheery!! No wonder Sean wants to go there during recess lah :)

Lilian said...

Aiyoh, he needs to brush up his social skills at the playground, not seek refuge in the library :)