Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting out of Sathorn

The above is a photo I took from the swimming pool level of our apartment. It shows a group of reds gathered at Sathorn Road. At first, they were jeering the army personnel stationed about 200m away towards the protest site.

More army soldiers came. They fired rubber bullets towards the reds each time the reds tried to advance towards them. When it was dark, the reds started burning tyres in the middle of the road, creating bonfires. They also threw rocks at the street lamps along Sathorn, creating pitch black darkness save for the bonfires. This was all to distract the army. It was mainly mischief-making, not highly dangerous, but still menacing.

All night, we could hear gunshots and explosions from the nearby Rama 4 and Bon Kai battleground, it was pretty scary.

Didn't want to wait till things got out of hand. We've decided to move to Thonglor for the weekend, a peaceful suburb away from this madness and monitor the situation from there.

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