Friday, May 07, 2010

Ekamai's Gai Yang (Grilled Chicken)

When I first came to Bangkok (hmm, sounds like so long ago :)), Eunice asked me to join her and her friends for grilled chicken in Ekamai. I can't remember why I didn't manage to join her that night. Anyway, today, another mummy, Connie, suggested that we have lunch there (not sure if it's the same joint).

I ate sooooo much, it was just two of us and this is what we gobbled up with our rice.

Some raw vegetables to go with the grilled chicken.

The famous grilled chicken. It was tasty, but as my Thai friend May predicted, I wouldn't be a big fan cos the chicken here isn't juicy the way I like it. I did enjoy the drumstick :)

Tomyum Goong, with two big prawns. It was pretty good, but not as sourish the way tomyums typically are.

Morning glory. It's kangkung right? Very good.

The highlight was steamed fish, very sourish, and delicious. So fresh too.

Guess how much everything came to? Including drinks, the meal cost us less than 600 baht! Or less than S$25. Am definitely coming here again.


mun said...

What an affordable delicious meal! You are so lucky to be able to eat this everyday. I like to eat raw vegetables and fresh steamed fish.

Lilian said...

Yeah, really love this city. Hmm, fresh steamed fish person eh? Are you Teochew? :)

mun said...

Nah, not Teochew but I just love to eat fresh steamed fish!