Friday, May 07, 2010

Driving it like they stole it

I love the abundance of taxis in Bangkok. They are all metered and start at about 37 baht (S$1.60). It's super easy to find cabs, they're just everywhere. Everywhere I need to go is within 100 baht (S$4.30), typically 60 baht.

But what I really dislike though about taxis in Bangkok, is that once they hit the highways, they drive like daredevils! They are fine in the city area, but the two times I took a cab that needed to go on the highway, I was left frazzled. Just check out the steering wheel of the taxi above which we took to Chatuchak market one weekend. I think he imagines he's a racecar driver or something.

It's fine to pretend-play and be Shcumacher on your own time, but not when my kids are in your taxilah. It really is quite a hair-raising experience, and I'm no ninny.

Well, Eddie finally bought a GPS so any highway driving will be done ourselves, as far as we can help it, thank you very much.

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